Kelsy Black


A remarkable blend of professionalism and creative zest, Kelsy Black was a lively addition to student media during her time at Lee. Black, a communications major emphasizing in advertising, spent her senior year as the fashion columnist for the Lee publication, the Clarion.

When asked how it shaped how she creates and consumes media Black said, 'I loved being able to write media that was collaborative with my fellow Lee peers and helped us all feel like we're a part of the Lee story together, even if just through something as simple as man-on-the-street fashion.' Black was the first person to take on the role of fashion columnist for the Lee Clarion.

After graduating in May of 2013 Black went on to become a special projects associate producer at a local TV network in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Thankfully she is able to showcase her innovations with this position.

'I write commercials, produce segments, and help run the live productions we do every day,' said Black. In correlation with her current profession Black attributes her experience with Student Media at Lee as a platform for her success today.

'The fashion column's theme was honing in on the individual style voices of Lee. Working in television, I've learned to use that same skill set to find my voice professionally and find out exactly how to bring unique creativity to the writing and producing I do daily,' explains Black.

When asked to reflect on her time in student media and identify the most poignant piece of it all Black said, 'I loved the free reign the column gave me. The creative freedom to take an idea, run with it, and make something meaningful was truly a special experience.'

Black has nothing but gratitude for Lee's student media but anyone who has come in contact with her work since knows just how mutual the feeling is.

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