Nathan Torgerson


Nathan Torgerson

By Justin Blansit

When it comes to finding a job as a graduate, life becomes one whirlwind of frustration while trying to realize exactly where you fit into the professional world. However, students graduating with confidence and the skills necessary to conquer the culture of business have often honed their crafts under the wing of Lee University's student-led publications. Nathan Torgerson, former managing editor of the Vindagua, is no exception.

'Working with the Vindagua was very stressful at times juggling school work, a teacher's aid position, and my personal life, but that stress prepared me for what life was going to be like after college,' Torgerson said.

Nathan Torgerson with Keller Williams Realty now works as a top real estate professional in the Chattanooga area. Working for student media at Lee is always considered a highlight for distinguished alumni. They attribute key aspects of what they learned from college to their time in their positions with student-led publications like the Clarion and Vindagua.

'Student media also instilled in me work ethic. When the finished yearbook came out, it showed me that hard work really did pay off. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel,' Torgerson said.

Alumni of student media go on to become leaders and exceptional professionals in the Chattanooga area. One reason for that is the preparation and connections Lee can bring about for its students wanting to enter that market.

'The business world of Chattanooga is evolving rapidly! You see articles at major publications about how up-and-coming Chattanooga is, or how innovative the city is becoming,' Torgerson said.

Student media is creating a culture of driven professionals that thoroughly prepares students for what is ahead. Nathan Torgerson is simply one example of the impact an opportunity with student-led publications can have on an individual at Lee. Student media teams may slave away into all hours of the night, but what students learn is invaluable to their character as professional people in their chosen careers.

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