Shashank Shrestha


By Noah Herrin

As a current member of the Lee University Student Media team, I get to enjoy certain benefits each and every day. I get to talk to people from many different walks of life, learn from others in my field of study and hone my skills for a future career. When I graduate, I expect those benefits to expand with me outside of the Lee University Campus. But what exactly does that look like? I decided to catch up with former media team member Shashank Shrestha and get his take on what student media did for him.

Shashank gained his passion for media a year before coming to Lee while he was in high school. He began to work for a magazine in Nepal called 'WAVE' and realized that media was something he wanted to do for a long time. When he got to Lee, Shashank immediately joined the Student Media team where he held positions of both a writer and photographer, and was eventually promoted to the Managing Photo Editor.

'The biggest lesson was perhaps group dynamics. It was a close knit editorial team and it really helped me to learn how to work in a group. The leadership position also gave me a lot of responsibility and helped me learn how to manage and lead a group of people. We were the first group to start doing the yearbook portraits in-house, so that was a lesson in itself. The amount of stories we covered warranted new ideas and concepts that gave me a real world view of thinking on my feet and conceptualizing. I was also involved in lots of other activities such as video production and publication, so it taught me time management and multi tasking which has helped me a lot in post college life.'

Speaking of life after College, Shashank made that pretty successful as well. Using a lot of the skills he learned during his time spent in Student Media, he has made quite the career for himself. He now owns a video production company in Nepal called KathaHaru (which translates to 'stories'). KathaHaru's clients include non-profits like UN, Save the Children, Comic Relief and World Wildlife Federation. Shashank's company has also shot for the likes of Google Earth, Icelandic Design Company and other Nepali brands.

Student Media has benefited so many and is already affecting me in a positive way. Because of people like Shashank Shrestha and what he has accomplished, it has become something that others want to be a part of; a small group of people getting better and more effective at what they do every day.

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