Corrine Moore

Sophomore studio production major Corinne Moore was recently accepted into Jacques Lefevre Institute’s Chez Vous Summer program where she will spend the summer studying in France.

Chasing dreams proved to be reality for one Lee student, who will spend her summer just outside of Normandy in France.

Sophomore studio production major Corinne Moore was recently accepted into Jacques Lefevre Institute’s Chez Vous Summer program. Moore explained that she has had a fascination with France since she was little, which is why the program piqued her interest.

“When I heard about [the program] my freshman year of college, I was very intrigued because I have alway wanted to go to France,” Moore said. “Ever since I was nine [years old], I have been obsessed with the French culture and the French language.”

According to Professor of French Dr. James Wilkins, the Chez Vous Summer program is a six-week collaborative program that affords six hours of intermediate to advanced French language credit, located in Merville-Franceville in France.

“Courses include intensive instruction, integrated with numerous excursions, and intensive French-only language use each day throughout the program,” Wilkins said. “Usually, the students are treated to a two-day capstone experience in Paris at the end of their program.”

Wilkins considers Moore a suitable candidate for this program because of her performance in intermediate and post-intermediate language courses and her dedication to the French culture.

According to the institute’s official website, the program allows students to immerse themselves in the French culture by not only connecting with those also in the program, but with locals in the community.

Moore expressed her excitement towards being able to use French in everyday endeavors, outside of coursework.

“Currently, I am in my sixth year of studying French,” Moore said. “[I believe] it’s time to go there and actually use it."

The program features four tracks at five different levels, each one lasting about six weeks and worth a minimum of six credit hours.

Moore was accepted to Study-Track C, the second highest track offered in the program, which involves a course focused on the continuation of grammar and critical thinking skills taught in French by a national professor at the Université de Caen.

Study-Track C also features a course centered around the spiritual life of the French culture today.

“[Moore] will be doing one course at the language training center in Merville-Franceville, the Jacque Lefevre Institute, and one course at the Université de Caen, one of the best university programs for French language studies in Europe,” Wilkins said.

Students participating in the program are also involved in service opportunities that will give them opportunities to evangelize, serve, worship and experience their faith in a French context and alongside other French believers.

According to Wilkins, the program itself is part of a larger ministry in France called Greenhouse Ministries.

Wilkins suggested that learning a different language and engaging in opportunities like this allows students to experience their faith in new ways.

“These connections to France and French are invaluable tools in learning of culture and exploring God’s creation through learning and use of another language,” Wilkins said.

Moore’s enthusiasm towards the culture carries over into the service projects and connections that will be available to her through the program.

“I am most excited about getting to live in this culture, even for a brief period of time, that I’ve been fond of for such a long time,” Moore said. “[Also] being able to build relationships with people that are there instead of just reading about it or watching movies — it makes it more real and more personal.”

For more information about the Chez Vous Summer program, visit the Jacques Lefevre Institute’s website.

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