Kaylee + Erica

“A lot of the things that we wrote were things that we were going through,” Kaylee Tuttle said. “The only way we could get through it was to sing it out or talk it out.”

After growing up together on and off the stage, immersed in music, Kaylee + Erica have released their sophomore album geared towards breakthrough.

Junior pastoral ministries major Kaylee Tuttle and freshman marketing major Erica Tuttle were both raised in the world of Christian music. Their mother, gospel singer Judy Jacobs, took her daughters along to her performances when they were little and gave them opportunities to join her on stage.

Kaylee has played the guitar since she was 8 years old, and she now serves as the worship pastor of Dwelling Place Church. Erica has pursued music at Lee by joining Campus Choir and playing drums during chapel.

“I had confirmation and peace from the Lord that I needed to do Campus Choir,” Erica said. “[When] I came to school, I wanted to be involved in something that is going to make me grow.”

Joined by their mutual love of music, the Tuttle sisters began writing songs together in 2014 and released their debut album, “Heart’s Cry,” in 2016.

Their new album, “Heaven is All Around,” was recorded live with band members from their church and Lee students Tori Barclay and David Virgo. The sisters explained they wanted their album to have the rawness of a live performance to encapsulate their theme of genuine breakthrough.

Barclay explained that the sisters’ music truly showcases their character.

“They are who they portray to be on and off the stage,” said Barclay. “They truly strive for excellence in everything they do and their love for Jesus is out of this world.”

Kaylee explained that this central theme is also carried in their lyrics, as the songs were written about what they were learning in this season of their lives. They said they were inspired by the common phrase “there is joy in the journey.”

“A lot of the things that we wrote were things that we were going through,” Kaylee said. “The only way we could get through it was to sing it out or talk it out.”

As the sisters composed the album, they said they prayed that the message of each song would meet people where they’re at and share truth in the midst of hardships.

Their music was received well by the Lee community upon release. Students shared their songs on social media, describing the different ways the music resonated with them. Kaylee takes this positive reception as a sign that they accomplished their goal.

“It makes me know that the Lord was in the room,” Kaylee said. “It brings confidence that our hearts were pure.”

Last year, Kaylee + Erica toured with WinterFest, and they were given the opportunity to join again this year. The tour started in January and brought them to Chattanooga at the end of February and Knoxville during spring break.

More information about Kaylee + Erica and how to access their music can be found on their site.

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