Inman Brinkfest

Inman Street Coffee will host Brinkfest, an outdoor music festival and fundraiser today at 5 p.m.

Looking for something fun to do tonight? This evening Inman Coffee will host Brinkfest, a free outdoor music festival and fundraiser, featuring music from MCat Loftis, Kailee Martin, Laura Spradlin, Margot, David Walrod and Fresh Mind.

Senior music business major Mary Catherine "MCat" Loftis organized the music festival to go along with her EP release titled "Brink."

“I originally wanted to have an EP release party,” Loftis said. “But I like getting all of my friends together and doing bigger events and I enjoy using that to fundraise, so now it’s an outdoor music festival that is fundraising for the Salvation Army.”

Loftis said her EP, “Brink,” focuses on  the concept of being on the brink of something, such as realizing what the rest of her life looks like.

“I have songs about overcoming the difficulties in friendships and general struggles in life. [There is] a lot about the process of becoming who you’re meant to be, especially in God’s eyes,” Loftis said. “I think as a whole, when you are the most comfortable as yourself—and you really encompass the dream that God has put in your heart—then, that’s when you share the most light with the world.”

Loftis said that Inman, being the first Cleveland coffee shop she visited, is a perfect location for Brinkfest.

“I think it’s great that we are having it at Inman because for me, that comes full circle. I started [performing music] at Inman, my first open mic was there," Loftis said.

During the event, audience members will be encouraged to donate to the Salvation Army in order to be entered into a raffle. Between sets, musicians will announce winners of different prizes.

Senior music education major Monica Wright—performing under the stage name Margot—said she is excited to perform for an audience she normally does not reach.

“[Inman has]  to censor the people playing there; so, it tends to be a more family-friendly crowd. Parents and kids end up coming, which is really fun and a totally different group of people than I usually play for,” Wright said. “I tend to play at smaller house shows for 20 somethings and I tend not to play as much religious music.”

Wright said that performers cover a wide range of different genres, leaving little room for disappointment.

“Even if you don’t think you’re going to like the music of one artist, there’s a huge chance that you’re going to love the genre of a different artist. Come and be surprised. Also, come expecting a lot,” Wright said.

Kailee Martin said she is thrilled to perform at Inman again because she feels Inman is a place where people can be themselves and not feel discouraged, but rather encouraged.

Martin said that Brinkest is an exceptional way to close the end of a semester, and for seniors, a great way to celebrate their time at Lee.

“It’s a great way to celebrate people’s accomplishments as musicians and to recognize that we are all so different and we all have different gifts,” Martin said. “It’s a good way to open yourself up to different styles of music and enjoy a good cup of coffee.”

Brinkfest will begin today at 5 p.m. and will end at 10 p.m.

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