Ocoee Coffee Company is a new coffee shop coming to Cleveland, set to open its doors this March. Located less than a mile from Lee University’s campus, the business will be highly accessible to students.

Business owners Tim Costello and Luke Costello were inspired to start a coffee shop to help cultivate the Cleveland community. Their vision was to create a space for people to connect through coffee, a unique atmosphere and events that focused on the community.

“We want it to be more than just coffee,” said Luke Costello. “We think coffee is a cool idea…but we want it to go beyond that. … We want it to be a place for Lee students, but also be a place for the entire Cleveland community.”

The coffee shop will feature three spaces for guests, including the main coffee house, a greenhouse and a student center.

In addition to serving coffee, Ocoee Coffee Company will be a gathering place for events such as karaoke nights, movie nights and Bible studies. There will also be a room available to rent out for meetings.

The Costellos are passionate about looking beyond the Cleveland community. They hope to use a percentage of their profits to sponsor an orphan at Winyo Christian Academy in Kenya.

“We have so many opportunities where we can give,” said Luke Costello. “We want to just go beyond just making money and the coffee aspect, and even beyond Cleveland.”

Tim Costello is a general contractor and has an extensive knowledge of construction. Luke Costello has similar construction experience and is currently pursuing a degree at Lee in business management.

The Costellos’ background lends itself to self-sufficiency as they prepare to open the coffee shop, though they have received assistance from many others along the way.

As the former owner of Notable Blends in Nashville, Scott Davis has played a huge role in preparing Ocoee Coffee Company for business.

Davis will serve as the shop's coffee provider, has donated equipment to the shop and will aid in the hiring process.

Sophomore public relations major Avery Truelove is playing a large role in the design and planning process for the shop. She will be a key figure in advertising and promoting the shop in the upcoming months.

“I’m excited about any way I can help with this company moving forward,” said Truelove. “I think it will be a great place to study and hang out with friends.”

Several Lee students who are currently aware of Ocoee Coffee Company's preparations are excited for the shop to open its doors.

Senior sociology major Elisabeth Musacchio is one such student and is considering applying to work at the coffee shop.

“I’ve been able to hear Luke’s heart behind the shop, and it seems like it will be a very unique place,” said Musacchio. “I’m considering applying to work there because I love the idea of investing in community.”

The Costellos will begin the hiring process for new employees in the coming weeks.

Ocoee Coffee Company will be located at the intersection of N Ocoee Street and 23rd Street NE, right next door to Ocoee Middle School.

To learn more about the coffee shop contact Luke Costello at lcoste00@leeu.edu.

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