He is 6 feet 9 inches tall, has scored 264 points for the men’s basketball team and is number 30 for the Lee Flames. For Colton Blevins, these simple facts are only a small part of his story as he found his path to Lee University unexpectedly and landed a spot on the Flames basketball team.

Originally from Jamestown, Tennessee, Blevins grew up with his dad’s construction company, Blevins Construction, and the outdoors as his playground. While he has always had a passion for basketball, he also found himself drawn to helping his dad out in the construction field.

“I grew up helping him out, and it drew me to be a Communications major at Lee,” Blevins said. “I want to be able to talk to contractors professionally and communicate better with them, and eventually take over the business.”

When Blevins stepped on Lee's campus, he knew his basketball and educational career would be molded here.

“Coach Smith called me and was interested in having me on the team,” said Blevins. “I came to tour Lee, and on that same day, I ended up signing.”

Since the kickoff of his basketball career at Lee, Blevins has used his height to his advantage. Leading the team not only in height, but this season scoring 264 points thus far, Blevins has taken his passion and turned it into a game changer for the men’s basketball team.

“I am able to jump shot over everyone, especially since my arms are so long,” said Blevins. “It has definitely given me an advantage to helping the team work well together.”

While the Flames have succeeded this season in winning seven conference games, they have recently suffered three conference losses by a few points, bumping their rank down slightly. However, Blevins and the Flames know that despite these tough losses, the team gets back up every day and works towards improvement.

“As an athlete, you have to take a loss and move on,” said Blevins. “I come in to practice to fix mistakes before the next game.”

With his passion for the game and his ability to be self-motivated towards improvement, Blevins is looking forward to the finishing off the rest of the season strong as he is motivated by one simple truth.

“Come in everyday, and get better,” said Blevins.

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