Kayla Williams is one to watch on Lee's Track and Field team.

She may be nicknamed “Tiny,” but her grit and endurance on the track is anything but that. Recently being named the GSC Freshman of the week, freshman business major Kayla Williams has proven that her love for track is huge.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Williams fell into track unexpectedly after a baseball game during freshman year, in which her teammates and track coaches noticed that her speed would be a great addition to the track and field team.

“During freshman year, my [peers] saw that I could run really fast during a baseball game and they convinced me to try out for the track team,” Williams said “[Since then,] I have fallen in love with track.”

After a surprise passion came out of a high school baseball game, Williams found her way to Lee University after a campus visit and meeting with Coach Ryland, where once she stepped on campus, she knew Lee was going to be her home.

Since the kickoff of her track career, Williams gained a nickname that is tied to her size, but certainly does not interfere her abilities, as she is a valued asset to the track team.

“My favorite moment of this season was winning GSC Freshman of the Week, because that was right after I had ran for three weeks," Williams said. "It was when I knew it was going to be a sign of a good season.”

Beyond track, Williams spends her time reading, solving puzzles and is a community builder in her dorm. She is currently a business finance major, with the aspirations of becoming a lawyer and going into corporate law.

Williams track career is tied to her family, as her grandmother ran track when she was Williams’ age, and serves as a role model for Williams to keep pushing to be her best.

“My grandmother [is a role model for me because]... she always helps me to pick myself back up when I am down about my races and encourages me,” Williams said.

You can expect to see Williams continue to strive and improve throughout the rest of her collegiate track career.

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