Humans of Cleveland

Humans of Cleveland

Photos by Peri McIntosh

For this edition of Humans of Cleveland, we returned to our original vision for this series by going for a walk downtown and getting to know the individuals we met on the street. It's amazing how quickly you can connect with people by simply saying hello, being reminded that everyone has a story to tell. We hope to continue showcasing the many faces of Cleveland through these kinds of interactions, and are excited to meet more of our neighbors.

Cecil Hearst, New Life Bible College

"I'm a student at New Life Bible College, and each day after class everyone has a ministry of help to do. You can pretty much choose whatever it is you'd like to do'cleaning the bathrooms, washing the windows, and basically just tidying up the church and doing whatever they need to help out. So, I'm cleaning the front entry today."

"How long have you been involved here?"

"This is my second year and I am loving it."

"What's the best part about it?"

"Getting the word of God imparted into my spirit, and just learning more about God. That's why I came."

"What do you hope to do when you're done?"

"Win souls for the kingdom. That's what it's all about, winning souls for the kingdom of God. That's what Jesus said, he came to seek and save the lost. That's our job. Once we're saved, that's what we're called to do."

Dustin Frasier, Downtown Cleveland

"How long have you lived in Cleveland?"

"Since I was ten. I'm 29 now, so 19 years. But I've been all over'Miami, Tampa, South Carolina, Texas'I've been to a lot of different places."

"Do you have a favorite or least favorite part about Cleveland?"

"The favorite part is nothing, the least favorite part is everything."

"So what brought you back here?"

"My grandpa is 104, and and he's dying and nearing his last days, so I came back here to see him on and to see him through. He's like my dad. I didn't have a dad growing up, so he was definitely the man to teach me about morals and respect, and to show me what it's like to be a man, you know."

"He sounds like a good man."

"He was a fireman for 61 years, back in Texas."

"Do you have a favorite memory of him?"

"First time fishing. I caught a really big fish, and I was really little, so that was great. I was super excited. He's still got pictures of it and everything."

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