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Get Involved

The Lee Clarion is an entirely student-produced publication. If you’re a Lee University student, there are three ways to get your work published:


  • The Lee Clarion Practicum (COMM-305-01) is a one credit hour course that meets once a week on Thursdays from 4:00-5:30.

  • The course is offered every spring and fall semester.

  • A practicum course is required for most majors in the Communications program. The only prerequisite is either COMM-200 or DIGM-200.

  • Throughout this course, you’ll be embedded with the Lee Clarion staff as an active student reporter. Practicum is an excellent way to apply concepts taught in other classes and begin building a portfolio.


  • For more experienced writers who are interested in directly contributing to the Clarion, start by contacting us to let us know what areas you are interested in.

  • In addition to accepting individual submissions and opinion pieces, the Clarion also partners with columnists who contribute on an ongoing basis (for instance, our movie review series).

  • We are also always looking for contributors who can help with photography, social media and other digital media aspects of the Clarion.

Staff Positions

  • The Lee Clarion currently holds 11 paid student worker positions that are filled prior to the beginning of each semester.

  • Ideal candidates for staff have had previous experience working with the Lee Clarion, such as practicum.

  • All staff positions are currently filled through the fall 2019 semester, but you are welcome to contact us for more information.