Humans of Cleveland

Humans of Cleveland

Photos courtesy of Peri McIntosh

College is an incredibly formative time, and it's amazing how unique yet universal each student's experience is. When we were on the Greenway last week, we were happy to run into some Lee students who were out for a jog, and had a great time swapping stories of what we've learned since making Lee's campus our new home.

"We just run for fun and to stay in shape. We thought about doing the marathon, the Nashville one." - Sydney Baram

"How far did you run today?"

"We did almost three miles, so about 30 minutes. Which is good for us. At least we're moving, right? Not watching Netflix or something." - Sydney Baram

"Do you have any advice for new students?"

"Everybody says this, but I feel like its really important to find something to get involved with that you're really going to enjoy throughout your time at school, because your experience is really what you make it. A lot of people drop out or transfer schools and I think its because they haven't gotten involved in the right things." - Katie Hagan

"I would say embrace the new friendships you make'if you come in knowing people, don't just stick with the people you know but branch out and meet new people. I know that's one of my favorite things about college'I didn't know anybody here when I came, so coming in and having to make new friendships was really huge. And I would also say that if you come in having a hard class don't underestimate it just because all of your friends are out having lots of fun. Have fun, but do your work." -Sydney Baram

"I'd say like just get to know the professors, they personally invest a lot in you, and they show the hands and feet of Christ."- Nancy Scarbrough

"Do you feel like you've changed since coming to college?"

"I always though that I wanted to be an elementary education major, so switching my major is the most obvious change I've seen, but I think I've [become] more independent and adventurous maybe'I like to try new things." - Katie Hagan

"I'm a really a home-body so it was really hard at first [to be on my own], but now my friends encourage me to step out of my comfort zone...and I went to CRU last night and they said something really cool. They said that the major you're in'you're not in it just to be in it, God gave you that gift, and he gave you that gift so he can spread his kingdom through your major. I know I've heard that but that was a good reminder." - Nancy Scarbrough

"I think I'm learning to see the big picture and everyone else [who's in it], and also I'm learning to not just be stuck in my own view point. That's something I've learned from my new friends and new people from different backgrounds who I've met here, and l'd encourage people to open up and start out fresh when you come to college. Don't close yourself off to any new thinking, just open up and really critically think about it and pray about it." - Sydney Baram

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