15 Signs you've lived in a dorm too long

We're halfway through spring semester, and those of us living in the dorms have gotten a little too used to this strange lifestyle. If you relate to any of these, you have probably been living in a dorm all year (or several years).

  1. You've made up codenames for the people living above and below you, and 'lovingly' refer to them as you're trying to sleep and it sounds like they're dropping bowling balls.

  2. You no longer mind having bathroom conversations in the stalls'in fact you find them strangely enjoyable.

  3. All of your food is labeled with your name. Even in your own mini fridge.

  4. You can NEVER find a vacuum.

  5. The dirty dishes in the lounge always belong to some nameless person.

  6. You cry every time you see a candle because you can't have any.

  7. The Christmas lights in your room haven't worked in months, but you're too lazy to take them down.

  8. You look at old pictures and realize you've been missing clothing articles all semester.

  9. You're afraid to take a shower at midnight'because who knows when the next fire drill will be.

  10. People think you're most popular person in the world, but really it's just people on GroupMe asking to borrow things and get into the dorm.

  11. You and your roommate don't know what belongs to who anymore.

  12. You thought the hall smelled bad at the beginning of the year, but can't smell it anymore.

  13. You now have 'favorite' couch couples.

  14. You're currently an expert at hanging things up on your walls without using nails.

  15. Last, you've probably devised a plan already to move into apartments or off-campus next semester.

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