7 things that just make Lee Day weekend awesome

7 things that just make Lee Day weekend awesome

Courtesy of Austin Gunter

Ahh Lee Day. Perhaps the highlight of the spring semester, Lee Day is a day looked forward to by Lee students, faculty and potential students alike. Every April, the very best about Lee and its students and faculty is showcased for the throngs of potential students and their parents that flood onto campus for two days packed to the brim with visiting classes, attending seminars and fun things to do around campus. All in all, Lee day weekend is just really fantastic for a lot of reasons.

1. The landscaping becomes especially gorgeous. Let's face it, Lee University's lawn is always near perfect, but on Lee Day weekend it just seems even more luscious and carpet-like than usual. Perfect for all your favorite outdoor activities.

2. Dining on campus is suddenly more enjoyable. The dining hall has the best food during Lee Day. And the on-campus ChickfilA is open on Saturday. That in itself is reason enough to get excited.

3. Life At Lee. Life At Lee is a time proven staple of Lee Day. There's just something about seeing sketches of things we've all probably experienced in our own lives at Lee performed on stage with musical montages. Prospective students may not get all the wisecracks and jokes, but current students do, and it's pretty great. 

4. Fine arts performances abound. If you love music and theatre shows, this past weekend was probably a dream come true. Everyone from symphonic band to Campus Choir to opera theatre performs to showcase the huge amount of talent and musical ability that Lee students have to offer.

5. More frequent Paul Conn sightings. It just seems like Lee's beloved president, his golf cart, and his infamous mustache are spotted way more often around campus. Anyone can tell Dr. Conn is enthusiastic about making Lee the great place that it is, and that just seems to be heightened during Lee Day weekend. And seeing him on campus is kind of like a celebrity sighting around here.

6. Even when it's supposed to rain, it doesn't. Even if there is drizzle in the forecast, it always ends up drying out by the afternoon. That means more sunshine and more time spent outdoors on the beautiful campus.

7. The events. SO many things to do! SO little time to do them all! Fun things like cosmic dodgeball and the block party on the SMC lawn really make the weekend. Because who can resist joining in when Leetinos break out the instruments and start a random limbo contest in the middle of the pedmall? No one, that's who. 

Another Lee Day down, many more to come. Here's to starting the countdown to next year's, and we can hardly wait.

See you there!

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