All Sons and Daughters

All Sons and Daughters

Photos courtesy of Austin Gunter

David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, the singing duo that is All Sons and Daughters performed at Lee University's U-Church in the Conn Center Sunday, Sept. 13.

Sunday was the second time the band has played at Lee.

'[The audience] sang so loud, it was bananas,' Leonard said.

Before the show began, I had the chance to ask a few questions.

'What is different from this year's concert compared to last year's?'

'Tonight, we brought stations for communion and invited people into a personal worship space ...  tonight it's going to feel like a community worship space. We're going to be really intentional with prayer time, have people gather together, and pray about certain things. So it's going to be a lot less self-focused and a little more other-focused," Jordan said.

'What is your favorite part of touring this year?'

'The focus has been on the community aspect of it. We did our first run in Texas with this neighborhood where we  were trying out and going into different communities camping out and doing a concert at the end ... It's sweet to hear what God is doing and be a part of the conversation. You get caught up in your bubble of what God's doing and it's so encouraging to get to hear what he's doing all over and to see the excitement on [audiences'] faces about what he's doing," Leonard said.

'You're a partner with the Hands and Feet Project, do you have any plans to go back to Haiti soon?'

'My husband and I are hoping to go in November, but we have a plan for next October we're hopefully going to take a trip and take a group of worship leaders and spend the week down there,' Jordan said.

'How do you feel your music is different from other Christian music?'

'We started writing songs for our church community, so I'll just say this is where our music is birthed out of, and not that that differs from anyone else, but this is just where it came from," Jordan said. "We serve at a local church in Franklin, Tennessee and the heart of what we do and what we write is for that community of people. It's a very creative community so it's allowed us a lot of creative freedoms and we feel like that has seeped into what we do ' it's given us permission to take bigger chances and, that has played a big part in why the songs sound the way they do.'

What inspires your style of music?

'Our location and people, the music is what you hear on Sundays. We're obviously inspired by so many different things; the songs and the sound come from what happens on Sundays,' Leonard said.

'Fragments. Change. Growth. These three words are on your about page on your website, what do these words reflect?'

'The record was the conclusion to a lot of pieces along the journey for us. It was the visual representation of our story. Fragments represent change and broken plays a part, but nobody's story goes exactly the way you think it's going to go. So, you watch how God takes little moments and little pieces and writes a narrative that's very different from what you imagined it to be,' Jordan said.

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