Inman Street Coffeehouse celebrates 'four years of changed lives' with music

Inman Street Coffeehouse celebrates 'four years of changed lives' with music

Photo: Shanna Kay

Last Friday night, Oct. 23, Cleveland-bred artists came together to help Inman Street Coffeehousecelebrate '4 years of changed lives.'

The concert featured musicians Edward & Jane, The Mailboxes, Saints and Sound, Clark Beckham, The Giant & The Tailor, Ben Strawn and The Long Haul. The parking lot of the normally quiet and quaint coffee house was packed and ready with people waiting to hear music from their favorite artists.

Edward & Jane

The four-man-band from Chattanooga, Tenn. played songs from their EP 'Grow.' Edward & Jane  are Lee University students Timothy Edward Carpenter, Emilie Jane Creutzinger, Spencer Smith and Michael Cheyne.

The group has an indie folk-rock sound that will make a crowd sway and put listeners in a nostalgic mood.

Clark Beckham

The Lee Alumni, and runner-up American Idol winner, played at the outdoor concert as well.

'I loved getting the opportunity to come back and play at my old stomping ground. Not only Cleveland, but at Inman Street Coffeehouse, where I played one of my first concerts ever! Great people, great coffee, great time,' Beckham said.

His music is filled with soul and his unique voice could be heard throughout Cleveland during his time on Lee's campus.

The Mailboxes

An Indie/Alternative band, led by Jillian Ivey, includes many of her friends. Ben and Caley are two of the band members included in the night's songs. All are alumni of Lee. They were among the first bands to  play at Inman.

Although their fans enjoy many of their songs, crowd favorites include 'Keep Your Mouth Shut' and 'Just as Long as You Care.'

The Giant & The Tailor

The rebranded group introduced itself as band members Cody Nailor and Britain Miethe. Nailor described their new sound as 'atmospheric rock with instrumental and spoken word.' Including original songs from their EP 'Self-Discovery,' they played covers of 'Car Radio Cover' by Twenty One Pilots and 'Jesus Walks Over' by Kanye West.

The Long Haul

Savannah Roberts, Derrick Dixon, and Jono Webb make up The Long Haul, a folk and country music group that started in Cleveland in 2015. The earthy and exciting sound of their music is the work of multi-talented musicians and award-winning songwriters.  

Ben Strawn

A local singer/songwriter from Chattanooga, Ben Strawn, is a talented songwriter and musician. Songs like 'Favorite Hello/Hardest Goodbye,' is one of his songs that can be heard on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Saints and Sound

Christian, acoustic, indie and blues are all words that describe the music of Saints and Sound. The band members include Daniel Frith, Marshall Lowe and Daniel Holsemback. Inspired by artist like The Fray, Coldplay and Gunger, the trio has a unique sound that can be heard on "Love Becomes Life," Saints and Sounds' EP.

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