Storms and Medlin leave victorious from Dorm Wars 2015

Storms and Medlin leave victorious from Dorm Wars 2015

Photo: Jaclyn De Vries

Storms Hall and Medlin Hall left with a victory Oct. 12 at the 23rd annual Dorm Wars, held by Lee University's Student Development office and Residential Life.

Even though security was heightened due to a Yik Yak threat, Walker Arena was filled with booming cheers and hopeful hearts as students stormed in for one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Winning dorms were able to donate to the charity of their choice, $200 to $500, depending on how high they placed in the competition.

All 10 residence halls on campus train weeks in advance in preparation for the competition, along with creating banners, painting faces and designing t-shirts for the event.

Each hall creates a theme; this year, Star Wars characters roamed the bleachers, the Incredibles emerged, Avatar did back flips, and Mission Impossible was going to be tried as each dorm provided a particular theme that brought spirit during the games and energy with the introduction dances.

Athletes compete in a relay race, obstacle course and a shopping cart race in order to win points for their team and add to their overall score.

Bowdle-O'Bannon Hall (BOB) had a four-year winning streak that was broken Monday as Medlin took the victory they have long been hoping for.

Resident Director of Medlin Hall Josh Bloom said, 'This feels awesome.'

Medlin Resident Assistant Oscar Palin reflected on their win.

'This is one of the best moments in Medlin history,' Palin said.

BOB Resident Assistant and Dorm Wars coach Joe Busic said the arena was the climax of a lot of hard work.

Busic described it as 'absolute hype.'

The relay race ended with Storms on top for the girls and Medlin on top for the boys.

In a tight race with the shopping carts, Medlin prevailed for the second time in a row, as Sharp-Davis triumphed in their effort to stay alive.

At the end of the night, a stage was placed in the center of Walker Arena. Storms Hall and Medlin celebrated their victory.

Storms Hall competitor Shelby Crummer said, 'I knew it was coming, it was time.'

Storms Resident Director Megan Allen said the race was tight but they were honored to be surrounded by such strong competitors.

'Dorm Wars brings campus together in healthy competition with the end goal to raise awareness and money for service,' said Mike Hayes, vice president of student development.

Freshman and Dorm Wars competitor Steven Cannon treasured the time he spent training, although he felt the sting of defeat with his BOB teammates.

'I'm so close with all the guys now, we are practically family,' Cannon said.

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