The 12 stages of Lee's 'Snow Day' 2k15

We all celebrated having Monday off in pretty much the same way.

  1. First, the announcement was made and everyone on campus simultaneously rejoiced.

  2. Twitter feeds were filled with thank you tweets to both Paul Conn and God.

  3. About everyone you know was also texting you and your friends about it.

  4. You then proceeded to cancel everything you were working on.

  5. You probably stayed up late, because why not?

  6. You also probably slept in late, also because why not?

  7. In the morning, you looked outside only to realize that there was actually no snow, just a lot of rain and ice.

  8. You didn't want the day to be a total waste, so you started to plan out how productive you were going to be.

  9. Only to be distracted by Netflix.

  10. Then you realized that several hours had passed and you literally got nothing done.

  11. So you start to rush through whatever homework and studying you have left.

  12. Only to get the news that Tuesday morning classes were cancelled

Speed and Strength Coach competes in Olympic lifting

Speed and Strength Coach competes in Olympic lifting

Humans of Cleveland

Humans of Cleveland