Car Trouble: Things to do in and around Cleveland for those with and without a car

If there is one thing most Lee University students have in common, aside from their love for Enos, overpriced coffee and popular Ben Rector songs, it is the fact that they feel like there is nothing to do in Cleveland.

It may be surprising to some, but Cleveland is actually a unique little town that only seems dull and unappealing to the naked eye. If students dig deep enough, they can reap a bountiful harvest full of not-so-lame activities.

For students who do not have a car, there is no need to worry. There are things to do around these parts for people who don’t have the quickest form of transportation.

Not a quarter of a mile from Lee University's Communications building is the local coffeehouse, Bonlife. Many Lee students and local hipsters frequent this little slice of heaven to drink coffee with their peers, while simultaneously enjoying the cozy atmosphere and strategically planned playlists.

There is also a wonderful snow cone place on Inman Street called Pelican’s, where there are over 40 flavors of shaved ice to chose from. Additionally, it is animal friendly and dogs can even get their own pup cup!

After visiting these places filled with tasty treats, head on over to Cleveland’s nature trail, the Greenway, to burn off all of those pesky calories. Along this four mile trail lies a dog park, a playground, an art display, and even a skate park. Now how is that for a fun afternoon?

For those who happen to be blessed enough to have a means of transportation, there are even more fun options to chose from. On the way to the Cherokee National Forest, there are a few places to make a stop by. First is the Shake Shack, which is a quaint sixties-inspired restaurant that serves mouth-watering french fries and classic milkshakes.

Right down the road from that is the infamous Ms. Be’s Purple Bus. This is a one of a kind store nestled perfectly amongst the beauty of the Tennessee mountains. The establishment is actually a purple school bus that “crashed” alongside the road in 1995. Inside a customer will find countless unique trinkets and handmade items.

On the other side of “Clevegas,” toward Chattanooga, are two stores that are not only interesting, but kind to a college style budget.

The first is McKay Books, a used bookstore. This place is an exciting whirlwind of every kind of book, movie, video game, and record imaginable. And the best part? They are all exceptionally cheap because they are all other people’s recycled entertainment outlets. It is like a super cool library that never asks for the returns!

For psychedelic clothes to go along with your psychedelic books and movies, head over to the Cornerstone thrift shop in Ooltewah. Everything in the store is fifty cents!

It is safe to say that there is a way to make the most out of any situation, and it is not that hard to make something out of nothing. Cleveland is no exception. It just takes the right kind of adventurer and positivity to find it.

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