Election Night party to include free food, activities for students

Election Night party to include free food, activities for students

One of the most intense presidential races will come to a conclusion on Tuesday, Nov. 8 as the next U.S. president is decided.

Much anticipation has led up to this day, so the Student Leadership Council (SLC) along with the Society of Collegiate Journalists (SCJ) will be hosting the eighth campus Election Night viewing party in the Paul Conn Student Union at 10 p.m.

Students are invited to watch the results together on a big screen while eating free pizza and pancakes.

SCJ President Chad Magee hopes the party will facilitate good community among those who attend.

“It’s good to be joining up with SLC to do this,” Magee said. “[It] gives students an opportunity to see that while their political beliefs are important, there are other important things as well such as how you interact with other people.”

SLC Secretary Abby Lawrence also encourages students to come out and have fun while waiting for the election results.

“I know there’s internet streaming, but this is just a fun environment,” Lawrence said. “People in the past have come out and done homework while watching.”

More chairs and tables will be set up for the influx of students expected to participate in viewing the results.

There will also be candy, prizes and board games for the students who are present. Coloring sheets will be provided for those in need of “stress relief.” A photo booth with American-themed props will be set up, according to Lawrence.

While all students are welcome to attend, Lawrence stated that political conversations will be kept to a minimum.

“We are not going to facilitate any [political] conversations because we don’t want it to get out of hand,” Lawrence said. “I’m sure it will happen among people, but we’re just trying to keep it relatively calm.”

While this election has sparked many conversations and much controversy, students are anxious to see what the reaction will be leading up to and after the results.

Sophomore William Halbert predicts that student reactions will alter the party’s environment.

“I feel like it will be humorous watching people’s reactions,” Halbert said. “I think the atmosphere will change drastically after the results are announced. Everybody will be enjoying their time at the party until the announcement of who is president.”

Magee believes that students’ reactions to the election results can serve as an example to others.

“I think we have an opportunity, if our candidate does lose, to set a good example for the rest of the country by how we react as college students and show everyone how to lose gracefully,” he said.

As the results begin to come in, Lawrence said there will be a few basic rules for the party that include being respectful of each other, no “boo-ing” and no excessive cheering.

All students are welcome to attend the party in the PCSU at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

News Editor Kimberly Sebring contributed to this story.

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