Lee launches “Lattes in the Library" in partnership with LEAP

The William G. Squires Library has initiated a new event series called “Lattes in the Library" for Lee University students. There will be a total of five events throughout the semester that will feature free lattes and space for students to engage in topical discussions.

Three out of the five events will also feature guest speakers selected by LEAP, a student support services program on campus.

The series kicked off on Sept. 6 as students gathered together, lattes in hand, to discuss the first topic of the semester, called "The Introverted WOO.” Golden Madume, a career counselor and assistant director of the Center for Calling and Career, started off the series by talking about how students' personalities and strengths can clash.

Many students joined the discussion and enjoyed sharing their thoughts throughout the evening, including sophomore and elementary education major Meg Chastain.

“It’s a really nice atmosphere to have conversation,” Chastain said.

Chastain was joined by sophomore Suzanna Rogers, who said she also enjoyed the event.

“I liked hearing everyone’s opinion because it helps you feel less alone,” Rogers said.

The idea for “Lattes in the Library” was conceived this past summer as the library staff sought out ideas to engage students in new ways. Dr. Louis Morgan, associate professor and director of library services, wanted to provide students with an informal way to socialize outside of the classroom while still being able to discuss relevant topics.

“We [the library] see ourselves as serving both students and faculty members on our campus,” Morgan said. “This provides a way to increase interaction and dialogue on campus.”

Morgan also wants to capitalize on the growth that the library has seen in the past year and hopes that the series will break down social barriers.

“We want the library to be a welcoming, comfortable place for students,” he said. “Who doesn’t love a free Latte?”

The next installment of “Lattes in the Library” will be held on Sept. 27 at 7p.m. in the William G. Squires Library and will feature Dr. Morgan as a guest speaker.

Weekend update 9/26

Weekend update 9/26

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