Lee to host Celebration of Christian Joy

Lee to host Celebration of Christian Joy

A Celebration of Christian Joy will hosted by Dr. Mark Proctor in Pangle Hall on Thursday, Nov. 17, at 7 p.m.

The celebration will have four 12 minute sermonettes, which illustrate the walk through a Christian life.

Proctor will speak about the initial incorporation into the Christian body, followed by Dr. Lisa Long, who will speak about loving one another. Rosalyn Small will speak about joy in hardship, and Andrew Banacos will ask the question of whether all joy ends with mortality.

Bishop J. Stephens will preside over the event, and there will be performances by the Campus Choir throughout the night.

For six years Proctor has organized special services with theological themes that were relevant to Pentecostalism. Proctor said he lost his father to a ten-year fight with cancer, which made him realize the necessity for a service that would illustrate the joy Christianity brings.

The knowledge that death is not the end for those who believe is very important to Proctor.

“Christians aren’t meant to be sad and morose,” he said.

The planning for the event began 10 months ago with the hopes of attracting upwards of 300 people to share in the joy of salvation.

“The more [people], the better. It will gain momentum and start something big,” Proctor said.

This event will be “unapologetically Pentecostal” according to Proctor. However, it is open to all, and he invites people of all religious affiliations to “come and see.”

The night will be filled with traditional hymns and Campus Choir performing four musical numbers including “I Will Rejoice”.

“At Campus Choir, you can always expect truth and something more,” Marissa Mayes, a member of the group, said.

The choir is looking forward to being a part of this celebration, Mayes added.

“[Campus Choir] doesn't focus on denominations or things like that, but we solely focus on lifting the Savior up,” Mayes said.

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