Let's Taco-bout Taco Bendicion (and how to get free tacos)

Let's Taco-bout Taco Bendicion (and how to get free tacos)

Photo: Colleen Conneran

It's no secret that students love tacos,especially low-priced tacos. From Taco Bell to the Taco Truck, students have been trying to sniff out the most authentic, well-rounded, well priced tacos in Cleveland ' well look no further. Taco Bendicion is here and offering you all that and a casual, welcoming environment.

They're also offering a free taco if you like their Facebook page while at the restaurant; normally they're $1.75

Taco Bendicion, located at 200 Westside Drive Northwest Cleveland, Tennessee, is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, and the menu varies offering daily specials, tacos, nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas and burritos.

When you first pull up to the restaurant, your first impression can be deceiving. However, once you step up to the quaint, red ordering window, you're quickly greeted by the friendly face of Oscar Pascual.

Pascual owns and runs the restaurant along with his sister and mother. After being open nearly four months, business is far from slow.

Pascual grew up cooking and said he loves to try new flavors and recipes whenever possible. He doesn't see cooking as simply a job or hobby.

'Cooking is an art; it's not just something I do,' he said. 'Food is like music ' it should just hit the spot.'

What sets Pascual and his restaurant apart from other locations in Cleveland is his passion not just to make great food, but to create an experience for people.

'My goal is to offer and create a comfortable, family experience; that's something that not a lot of people get, and it is such a big part of Hispanic culture that I want to offer people.'

Pascual said it took about two months to set up the kitchen and seating area after finding the location. However, what took the most time was coming up with the menu.

Although he said at times it was discouraging ' struggling to find an affordable location while creating a unique, personalized and delicious menu ' Pascual stayed optimistic.

'Sometimes you just have to keep your eyes peeled for opportunities,' Pascual said.

Upon diving into my chicken tacos, my taste buds were quickly satisfied as all the unique flavors beautifully meshed together, offering such an authentic taste and flavor.

'I bring a lot of that family flavor ' the kind that I grew up eating around the table with my family,' Pascual said.

Once the weather warms up, Pascual plans to start offering live music and bonfires for students to come and enjoy. As an artist and guitarist, he wants to offer students a place to come hang out, study and be inspired, all while eating delicious, authentic Hispanic food.

Pascual said the two fan-favorites are his burritos and his gorditas. However, his personal favorite is the shrimp or pork tacos.

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