Service Spotlight: The Campus Kitchen

Service Spotlight: The Campus Kitchen

Graphic by Brenda Palmisano

The Campus Kitchen at Lee University (CK Lee) is more than just a service opportunity for students – it is a movement to combat hunger in the local community.

CK Lee is part of the Campus Kitchens Project, a national non-profit organization that partners with college campuses to provide meals to those in need. As a student organization, CK Lee uses its resources to fight to end hunger in Cleveland.

Lee University is one of 54 schools around the country that partners with The Campus Kitchen Project, according to the Campus Kitchens Project website.

Since 2009, Lee students have worked with the Campus Kitchen to serve individuals and families in Cleveland who are in need of food.

CK Lee also partners with Backyard Ministries, another service organization at Lee, to bring food directly to hungry children in the community. Through these efforts, CK Lee is able to further the national mission of strengthening bodies, empowering minds and building communities.

Tyler Shores, the special projects assistant for the Leonard Center, believes students have an opportunity with CK Lee not just to serve, but also to connect with the community through the project.

“The Campus Kitchen at Lee University works hard to connect with people in the community through the power of food,” Shores said. “Whether through breakfasts at the Cleveland Emergency Shelter, delivering groceries at North Cleveland Towers, or working with Backyard Ministries, they use food to connect with people in the community who need it.”

The Campus Kitchen Project encourages college students to be community-minded individuals with a passion for change.

CK Lee’s Student Director Christina Sarmiento touched on the importance of The Campus Kitchen’s community-based service and the unique opportunity students have when volunteering.

“CK Lee is a creative outlet for service. It is so much more than the meals,” Sarmiento said. “These meals provide an opportunity for volunteers to holistically serve their community and to connect and build relationships.”

CK Lee also strives to create an effective force to fight against hunger with Lee students as its prime workers. Sarmiento discussed the hard work that goes into volunteering with CK Lee and said students should expect to be put to work.

“On Mondays they can expect to prepare and cook healthy meals, while on Tuesdays students will deliver those meals to members of the community in need.”

In addition to serving meals, students involved with CK Lee also understand the importance of Lee’s service-learning program and how it relates to their mission with the Campus Kitchen.

CK Lee Volunteer Haley Dorsey feels it is important for Christians to get involved with organizations such as The Campus Kitchen Project.

“I would say that not only is it our duty to care for those who are hungry as Christians, but also as human beings,” Dorsey said. “Campus Kitchen gives us an avenue to participate in the fight against hunger that is taking people captive all across our nation and our own backyard here at Lee.”

The Campus Kitchen is located at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Cleveland. Those who are interested in serving can sign up to work the following shifts: Monday 7:30p.m. – 9p.m. and Tuesday 2:30p.m. – 4p.m. or 4:30p.m. – 6p.m. Students can also visit the Leonard Center or email for more information.

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