An Open Forum with Lee Admissions

An Open Forum with Lee Admissions

Parents and prospective students were invited to ask questions of Lee University staff members.

Lee Day visitors, potential students and their families joined an extensive panel in the Paul Conn Student Union last Saturday, April 9, to ask any and all questions related to Lee.

The panel included individuals such as Debbie Murray, Vice President of Academic Affairs; Matt Brinkman, Head of Campus Security; Mickey Moore, Director of Health Services; Rochelle Mayberry, Director of First Year Programs and others.

In a casual setting, families sat in couches and chairs or gathered around to ask any question they had. The majority of participation was from parents.

Many of the questions centered around financial aid and scholarship eligibility.

Briana Oroszi is a high school student who said that Lee is her top choice for college. Her older brother recently graduated from Lee, and Briana and her mother have been to multiple Lee Days.

Briana is taking dual enrollment classes and is planning on taking classes at summer honors.

Briana's mother Christ Oroszi was interested in learning about how that would affect scholarship opportunities.

“We have time, we’re just trying to learn as much as we can financially so that some way, somehow she can come here,” Oroszi said.

There were a few security questions, like one concerning the safety of students walking home from a night class. 

Some parents asked questions regarding different majors and specialty areas.

Golden Madume, Assistant Director for Calling and Career, explained how his office can assist in this process.

Angeline McMullin, Director of Global Perspectives, gave a brief overview of the variety of trips that Lee offers for students.

Still others wanted to know about physicals and vaccinations that their son or daughter would need upon coming to Lee.

While some of the questions asked could have been answered by perusing Lee’s website, there were several good in-depth questions for which the knowledgeable members of Lee’s faculty or staff proved helpful.

Katie Thompson, mom of Jane Thompson, who is planning on coming to Lee in the fall of 2017, felt she benefited from the event.

“I definitely felt like they answered my question. I was able to ask a couple of follow up questions after,” Thompson said.

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