Dorm Day With the basketball team

Dorm Day With the basketball team

Photos by Kristen Johnson

Dorms across campus gathered in Walker Arena on Saturday, Jan. 21 for basketball, free food and leis to celebrate Dorm Day, an annual event where students watch the basketball game with their respective residence halls.

This year's theme for Dorm Day was "Island Getaway." Students came dressed in their grass skirts and sunglasses and received a lei at the door.

Just inside was a table with free food. Students had the choice of eating either a hamburger or a hotdog, along with some chips and a cold soda.

In the past this event was a competition between dorms to see who would have the most attendees and which dorm would be the loudest.

Assistant Director of Residential Life Amanda Stockton said that this year they chose to make the event less about competition and more about unity.

“Our goal is to bring students across campus together,” Stockton said. “This year we wanted it to be more of a, 'let’s all come together,' and be all on board with athletics not necessarily about the competition.”

She said that this change was made so everyone would have a chance at the available prizes.

“We wanted to put our energy into all the prizes that all the students could compete for verses just those that bring out the numbers,” Stockton said.

This small change is experimental. The original Dorm Day rules may or may not return next year.

Students competed to earn gift cards and even had the opportunity to earn 500 dollars during halftime. The 500 dollar prize would go to the student who made the half court shot.

This came with a little twist. Each time a student failed the amount increased by 50 dollars. Once the shot is made the amount will reset back to 500 dollars. Since Saturday no one has made the shot, and the prize is now up to 700 dollars. This event will continue through the rest of the basketball season.

However, Dorm Day consisted of more than just food and prizes! Everyone was able to enjoy some Lee Flames basketball with their respective dorms. The Flames and Lady Flames took on The University of Alabama in Huntsville. The Lady Flames came out victorious with a score of 72-56. The Flames fell to Huntsville 94-101.

Resident Assistants of Cross and Tharp Halls Kimberly Fawley and Victoria Parsons attended the event to not only participate, but to cheer on one of the freshman players who lives in Cross/Tharp, #34 Markie Dean.

“She’s a new freshman on the girls team, so we are here to support her and support the flames,” said Parsons.

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