GSC Player of the Week: Geremy Walton

GSC Player of the Week: Geremy Walton

Graphic by Kaitlyn Anderson

Senior Geremy Walton is an essential part of the baseball team, earning GSC player of the week.

According to Watson, people have always assumed that he was born athletic and “with muscles,” yet this was not the case.

“I was a skinny kid growing up. In 7th grade I was cut from the basketball team for being too small. People were always picked ahead of me when it came to sports,” Walton said. “No one really believed in me but my parents. I had to constantly prove myself just to get a chance on a team.”

Watson decided one day to stop making excuses for himself, and he “grew up.” For everyone who said he couldn't do it, he took it as a challenge to prove them wrong.

Born and raised in Newnan, Georgia, Watson grew up as the youngest of four boys.

“I always got beat up by my brothers as a kid,” Walton said. “I always lost when we played sports together because I was the youngest.”

At the age of four, his parents signed him up for a baseball camp.

“I didn’t want to play, but as soon as I got out on the baseball field everything just clicked,” Walton said.

Once he got to high school, he got many offers from coaches at Lee to come and play. He continued turning them down because at the time Lee was not ranked as a D2 school. After graduating, Walton went to a two-year school in Florida. His last semester there he received another call from Lee.

“I knew then that I was destined to be there. It was a big offer I couldn’t refuse,” Walton said. “Being at Lee has made me a much better person. There are amazing people here who have taught me to always do the right thing.”

This is what fuels him in his playing now.

“Not only do I want to be the best, I want to be the smartest and most feared player in America.”

Lee's baseball team is currently ranked in the top 30 in the nation.

“We are a great team, but there are definitely things that we can improve on,” Walton said.

“I know I am personally doing good this season because I am having fun with a smile on my face, and I’m not letting baseball be bigger than my life.”

He believes that his success comes from working hard and not caring what people say about him.

Walton’s biggest supporters are his parents.

“I could be the worst player in the world and I know that after the game they would still give me a hug and tell me how great I am. Every game I play, I play for them.”

His parents come to his games every weekend, and even recently flew to south Florida to watch him play.

Upon graduating from Lee, Walton hopes to play professional baseball. He will be graduating with a degree in exercise science.

“I want to be able to write simple nutrition plans that can save people’s lives,” he said.

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