Humans of Lee: Carlos Rising

Humans of Lee: Carlos Rising

photo from Rising's Facebook page

Carlos Rising is a globetrotter in the making.

Rising's life up to this point, from gutsy parents who let him travel the country alone for three months as a teenager to Lee professors who have encouraged his musical freedom, has prepared him for nothing less.

A senior music business major, Rising himself dreams of transformation.

“I want to be a world-changer,” Rising said. “I know that’s really dumb, but I really want to do it all when it comes to music.”

Music is where Rising's heart truly lies. Even in high school, he wanted to pursue music but did not think he needed a formal education for it. He decided he was not going to go to college and hit the road. For three months, Rising traveled the country, living in hotel rooms and on people’s couches.

“It led to a lot of great experiences, and I think my parents let me do that so I could see how hard it was and how difficult it is and how I need a good foundation,” Rising said.

After experiencing the challenges of being on the road, Rising enrolled in Cleveland State Community College. His time there was disheartening at best, according to Rising. Because he was not exploring music at all, Rising finished at Cleveland State and found himself at Lee. Coming to Lee was a shock to his formally untrained system.

“I was very self-taught. It was just natural to me,” Rising said. “But I didn’t know how to read music, didn’t know the difference between who Mozart was and Beethoven. I was just ignorant of all kinds of stuff. I was really scared.”

Rising leading the Lee chapel band.

photo from Rising's Facebook page.

However, Rising did not let his insecurities hold him back. Since coming to Lee, he has joined Campus Choir and chapel band while also serving on the Student Advisory Council for the School of Music. Rising knows that his progress does not end there.

“I know that I’m on my journey and my own path, and I just remember that God has me here for a purpose,” Rising said. “I’m growing and continuing to learn.”

That learning process, as Rising calls it, is where he has seen God works the most in his life. He knows God is doing the same in his life currently and cites that as his source of joy.

“Right now, in my life, is the happiest I’ve ever been,” Rising said. “I thank God for that, and I know that it’s not going to stop here.”

Rising has no intentions of slowing down either. Whether it be aspirations of traveling internationally or pursuing every avenue of music he can, he wants to put his own personal stamp on the world.

“Instead of conforming to what everyone else thinks I should conform to or what the world says is perfect and acceptable, I know that true happiness is when I can just be myself,” Rising said.

In the upcoming years, Rising hopes to explore the world and continue learning about all aspects of music. He also operates his own website and Facebook page where he posts covers and other media.

The future is bright, and Rising looks forward to the challenge.

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