Lanter and Bricker just can't stop winning GSC Honors

Lanter and Bricker just can't stop winning GSC Honors

The Lady Flames embrace in celebration.


Lady Flames soccer team players Summer Lanter and McKenzie Bricker are having a fantastic senior year, winning Gulf South Conference (GSC) honors three times this season. The two were placed on the pre-season All-Gulf South Conference Team back in August.

“They’re very important to the team. Since they get the most goals and assists, they get the most recognition,” Head Coach Chris Hennessey said.

According to Senior Defender Meagan Newman, both women are great leaders on the field and are constantly encouraging them to be better on and off the field.

Lanter was named GSC player of the week after she scored the game-winning goal against Mississippi College on Sept. 17, bumping the Lady Flames up to a 3-0 conference record.

She was given GSC player of the week again when she scored the lone goal against West Georgia on Sept. 29, and the lone goal again against North Alabama Oct. 1. Both games ended in 1-0 victories.

Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach Luidgi Beauzile described Lanter as relentless. She said she doesn’t give up, wants to win and will do whatever it takes—all she wants is a trophy.

“Summer will run until she no longer can, just to try and win the ball, even if someone plays it far from her,” Newman said.

Bricker was named defender of the week for being a key component in the shutout against Mississippi College, as well as for scoring a goal during the 6-1 win against Delta State.

She was given GSC honors again after keeping West Georgia and North Alabama off the scoreboard Sept. 29 and Oct. 1.

“McKenzie has great technique and is able to pick out great passes while showing great composure,” Newman said.

Bricker was described by Beauzile as a very technical player. He called her a "great athlete", citing her ability to tackle hard—a skill that is very important for the team.

According to Beauzile, Lanter and Bricker’s recognition is tied to the impact made by their teammates. 

“It’s because of their teammates, why they’re performing so well,” Beauzile said. “They’re more about the team.”

Beauzile believes the Lady Flames are continuing to improve weekend after weekend. They push themselves to learn from the mistakes they make and to be more encouraging towards one another.

“We’re just going to keep being motivated and sharp,” Hennessey said.

The most recent person on the team to receive GSC honors was goalkeeper Taylor Green. She was named Goalkeeper of the week Oct. 24 for facing 21 shots and saving six goals.

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