Lauren Daigle to kick off spring U-Church

Lauren Daigle to kick off spring U-Church

Lauren Daigle


Lee University will welcome Lauren Daigle to the Conn Center stage for the very first time to kick off this spring's U-Church series on Sunday, January 15 at 7:30 p.m.

Daigle, a contemporary Christian music artist from Louisiana, appeared on American Idol in 2010 and released her hit album "How Can It Be" in 2015, according to her website.

Anticipation is high within the student body since Daigle has been one of the most requested artists to perform on campus, according to Josh York, the director of facilities management and U-Church concert promoter.

"We ask frequently who students are interested in seeing and she is, if not at the top, very close to the top of all of the requests that we've received," York said. "So we knew that students would be really excited about that."

Every two years, the Department of Institutional Research and Assessment posts a web-based poll called an 'Artist Interest Survey' to find out what music students are listening to, York said. After gathering the results, the U-Church staff contact booking agents to try to bring artists like Daigle to perform on campus.

"When we're not doing that survey, there will be random times on social media where we'll just put out little blasts of just 'Hey, who are you listening to these days?' and you get some interaction with not just students at that point but anybody that's following us on Twitter," York said.

Daigle attended Louisiana State University after doing mission work in Brazil. Since college, she also devotes much of her time to victims of human trafficking. Her passion and faith can be heard on her album "How Can It Be".

“I hope that as these songs hit peoples’ ears, they don’t hear my voice, they don’t hear really good production, so they can say, ‘Whoa Lord, I’m encountering YOU right now," Daigle said on her website. “That’s my heart’s cry for 'How Can It Be'. That people are moved and lives get changed because they get to encounter more about God and see His character.”

All U-Church events are free and open to students and the surrounding community. Seating is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional information can be found on the Lee University website.

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