Lee tennis teams close in on season's end

Lee tennis teams close in on season's end

With only five matches left in the season, Lee University’s Men and Women’s tennis team hope for success in their final days.

Men have a 9-3 record, and Women have a 7-3 record. Both teams’ goal has been to compete their hardest and improve upon results from last year.

Unlike the focus in practice last year, the Men and Women have been working on doubles performance. Last year the team was strong in singles, but weren’t always able to jump on the opposing team when it came to doubles.

“I think our doubles play has improved, which will really help us succeed throughout the rest of this season,” Senior Krista Good said.

With both teams improving each weekend, training plays a huge role. Training consists of suicides, sprints, and footwork drills. The drills that improve footwork, help both teams get in better position for the ball. Endurance drills help them to stay on the court longer. According to Freshman, Lily Knott, the coaches have been pushing the team to new heights.

“I’ve learned that once you put aside the negativity in your mind and decide to just go and give these obstacles everything you have, you will overcome the greatest challenges both on and off the court,” Knott said.

Head coach, Patric Hynes believes the teams getting passed West Alabama and Valdosta State, will determine where they finish in the conference.

“We are just looking to continue to improve and be ready to compete in the Gulf South Conference tournament,” Hynes said.

Hynes believes the men have improved steadily as the year has gone on. He’s confident that they will be ready to compete well in the tournament. As for the women, Hynes is looking forward to the rest of the year. He feels the women have had a solid year so far and will bring their best effort no matter who they run into.

“Every team we play we just focus on doing the best we can, no matter how we feel or how good our opponents are,” Knott said.

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