Lee VS Alumni

Lee VS Alumni

Senior, David Perez

taken by Jaclyn DeVries

Alumni of Lee University dusted the cobwebs off their boots this weekend for the annual Lee day alumni soccer game.

This year the Lee pitch hosted around 20 alumni. Though the alumni were lacking in physical shape compared to the current team, they were able to hold their own and tie 3-3.

“It’s always good for the current team to meet past players,” said new head coach Derek Potteiger. “One of my big things that I push is that it’s not just about a player. It’s not just about a season. It’s much bigger than that."

Last year the game was very close, and the alumni won by one goal.

Joining the alumni team this year was former center back and May 2016 graduate, Gabe Franco.

According to Franco, the team shared some friendly “smack talk” before the game. Franco also admitted to stressing over the alumni team’s physical condition.

Physical condition aside, nostalgia was in the air as the graduating seniors joined their former teammates on the alumni side of the field.

“It was awesome. Getting to play with all the guys again just reminded me of old times and the games we played together,” graduating senior David Perez said. “Of course, I'm always going to be biased and say the teams back then I was a part of were great.”

For graduating senior Quade Marinell, this alumni game was bittersweet.

“Since my college career is coming to a close, it’s gonna be really enjoyable to play in a Lee uniform for one last time,” said Marinell before the game.

As with any competitive sport, tensions ran high as both teams aimed for the win, but this game saw a balance of friendly sportsmanship.

“A lot of the guys on the team wear their hearts on their sleeve, so we see a lot of hard work from the guys, but this alumni game is not as serious,” said Marinell. “You’ll find the guys to be laid back, having a good time and just really enjoying the game of soccer as we’re supposed to."

This was freshman defensive midfielder Tanner Carter's first alumni game.

“I think that learning from these guys who have had success in soccer is going to help us train for next fall,” said Carter.

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