Leeving: Chad Magee

Leeving: Chad Magee

Photos by Jaclyn De Vries

Apryl Raymond: When did you get to Lee?

Chad Magee: In January, spring of 2014.

What’s your major?

I am a digital media major with a journalism emphasis.

Where were you born?

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, but I grew up in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

How did you find out about Lee?

My best friend’s aunt graduated from Lee, so he came to Lee after we went to junior college. I was at Southern Mississippi, but I didn’t like it at all. So he told me I should come join him.

He left Lee eventually, but I’m still here. I knew that I was at a point in my life where I needed change drastically. I couldn’t walk anymore. My girlfriend and I had split up. I also hated the accounting major I was in.

I was afraid at that point of depending on other people. I really wanted to show myself and others that I could do well on my own. So I left and came to Lee.

How did you choose your major?

I played sports my entire childhood. I was really into sports. When I got sick, I didn’t think that I’d get to be involved in sports anymore.

I really liked all the aspects of sports. But I knew that I could still be in sports by doing the journalism thing.

What do you hope to do with your degree?

I want to be able to move around, and you can be a journalist anywhere. So I like that it gives me the freedom to move around. There’s no particular thing about sports I want to write about forever.

After experiencing all aspects of journalism, feature writing is what I love the most. I just want to go around and write people’s stories.

What has been your most memorable experience?

I don’t know if I can point to just one. Not only have I learned a whole lot about journalism through student media than I have in any of the classes, I’ve also met the people that I will remember during my college time.

What has been your worst experience at Lee?

I can’t stand thoughtless and selfish people, that don’t consider the social aspect about how anyone else feels in a situation.

I have seen that with people at Lee. It’s always sad to see people who proclaim Christianity, when they obviously only have themselves in mind.

What has been your greatest lesson learned at Lee?

A lot of times I learned not to be so petty. I had to learn how to get over my annoyances, if I was aggravated or mad. The world doesn’t stop for that. It keeps spinning and you have to keep trying. You can’t make excuses. If bad things are happening to me, life still goes on and you can either make the best of it, or you can give up.

Can you describe your impact?

I’d like to think that I was no more than anyone that would be in my position. I think that I tried to get others interested in student media.

There’s definitely a different tone; when I first came in the news room, there was a condescending air to anyone not involved in student media. People seemed to think that they belonged and that others didn’t belong. I didn’t feel that that was the case.

When we came in here, I knew that none of us knew anything about what we were doing in here. I still had no idea what I am doing. I think its important to be vulnerable with people, knowing you don’t have all the answers. Because of this, I think others feel comfortable in the student lab.

What will you take away from Lee?

A degree. No, I’m sorry. Ha! Just knowing that I can be okay with being independent. And that I don’t fear independence. I prefer it.

What’s next?

I’d like to stay in Cleveland for another year and work. Get a better idea of the job market, instead of trying to find some kind of dream job. I want to find some way to make money and use that year to explore my options.

What makes Charles Bart Magee III a unique person of Lee?

I’m unique because I’ve translated my weaknesses into strengths and allowed my vulnerabilities to make me more approachable by my peers.

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