Sharp-Davis and Medlin take first place at the 25th anniversary of Dorm Wars

Sharp-Davis and Medlin take first place at the 25th anniversary of Dorm Wars

The boys of Medlin unseated the reigning champions of Bowdle-O'Bannon Hall for first place in the 25th anniversary of Dorm Wars.

Courtesy of Mitchell Hartley

Lee celebrates 25 years of cart pushing, hurdle jumping and loud cheering for the schools campus dorms. Dorm Wars was a night full of excitement and loud cheers when Sharp-Davis and Medlin Hall were both announced as Dorm Wars 2017 25th Anniversary Champions.

First time competitor and Sharp-Davis resident, Mackenzie Frenier, shares what her first experience at a Dorm Wars was like as a freshman.

“Winning the 25th dorm wars was just full of excitement and joy, more than I could describe. The whole team worked really hard and it was all just leading up to this one moment, and so to feel that all of your hard work actually paid off was just really amazing...”

Frenier believes that her team did so well because of how rigerous practices for this event were.

“We practiced twice a week, and the practices were honestly pretty intense. At first, not a lot of us really knew what we were doing because most of us had never pushed a shopping cart for anything even remotely competitive; so the first couple practices were a little frustrating and we had some injuries really early on, but with the help of our coach and just the encouragement from one another, things really started to look up...” Frenier said. “We all experienced a little bit of blood, sweat, and tears during these practices, and it was totally worth it.”

Frenier felt pressure to do well not only because it was Dorm Wars 25th year, but it also was an opportunity to win back-to-back championships, which has never been done before in girls dorm history.

“As a dorm, we really wanted that back to back championship title. So when our name was called for the first place title, I just remember screaming and yelling, being so full of just joy and happiness because we really did that.” Frenier said. “The first time ever in Sharp-Davis history that we won back to back, and I helped contribute to that. It was just this feeling of pride and excitement that I think the whole dorm felt.”

The 25th anniversary added a lot of excitement and anticipation for the night of this event. Frenier believes that there was a lot of extra emotion surrounding the event due to this monumintal mark of tradition and history.

“I think that the 25th anniversary definitely had something to do with the emotions explained previously. It added to the excitement, not just of the teams but of everyone there. This was not just a fun event, but a part of our schools history and I think we all recognized that...” Frenier said. “... 25 years of tradition and here I am representing Sharp-Davis, so a lot was on the line. I think overall it just made the event more fun because its something that has been bringing us all together for 25 years now.”

Marcus Burgos, resident of Medlin Hall, feels as though Medlins’ win on Monday night was a fantastic evening of victory as well as full of pressure because of the marking of the celebrating Dorm Wars for a quarter of a century.

“To me, winning dorm wars was nothing shorter than amazing. I kind of didn't expect it but I was very hopeful. And when I heard that we won it was like finally getting the Christmas present you've always wanted... When it was announced that it was the 25th anniversary of dorm wars, I was surprised. I knew that this one was going to go down in history so you could say I was a little more pressured into getting a win for my team.” Burgos said.

Phil Cook, Vice President for Enrollment, has been there from the very start of Dorm Wars, emceeing the event for all 25 years but one, making this event one of his very favorites that the university puts on.

“Dorm Wars is my favorite campus event at Lee and this year was no exception. While every Dorm Wars has been exciting, the 25t h anniversary version of this semester was even more energized. I have only missed one of the 25 Dorm Wars in all these years and I look forward to the next 25!”

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