Waitlist for new boxing club is long—and getting longer

Waitlist for new boxing club is long—and getting longer

The new boxing club at Lee meets at 6 in the morning, five days a week.

Graphic designed by Trevor Mullikin

Yo Adrian, Lee University officially has a boxing club!

Under the persistence of senior psychology and history double major Trevor Mullikin, LeeU was able to partner with Five Point Boxing, a boxing gym in downtown Cleveland, to form a training plan for college students.

After over 100 people expressed interest in the club, 39 students now go to the gym at 6 am, five days a week to learn important boxing techniques and get in a workout.

“I thought the issue would be to get people to want to do this,” Mullikin said. “The problem has been getting more time.”

Mullikin started the club thinking he would have about 15 students to work with. With 23 men and 16 women in the gym, the roster currently has a waitlist of people wanting to take part.

Senior Courtney Tipton was among the first to join the club, appreciating the early workout time fitting in with her busy schedule.

“I wouldn’t have time to do it if it weren’t at 6:00 AM,” Tipton said. “It’s a really good workout but a really good group dynamic.”

Team breakfast is a highlight for Tipton, whose goal for herself is to have fun being part of a group. Since joining the club she already feels herself becoming stronger.

“Everyone is being challenged constantly, because none of us know what we’re doing,” Tipton joked.

According to Tipton, the coach and owner of the gym does not take it easy on the college students. He incorporates endurance and strength training with boxing technique, and lying down while being trodden upon is on his list of ways to increase the team’s core strength.

“There’s a ton of character formation in boxing; that's why I personally fall more and more in love with it the more I do it,” Mullikin said.

Now that the club has gloves, hand wraps and mouth gear, the students can start working with bags and potentially each other.

Although Mullikin said most students won’t be able to spar until up to 15 weeks in, there are some more experienced boxers who will start sparring sooner.

Among those more experienced are the ones who may be going on to compete next semester.

With so many people interested in joining and moving up, Mullikin has his work cut out for him organizing everyone.

The club is meeting this week to assign different leadership roles within the roster, including chaplain, social media manager, president and vice president.

Students wanting to join the club can reach out to Mullikin at tmulli01@leeu.edu to be placed on the waiting list.

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