Dorm Wars Recap

Dorm Wars Recap

Courtesy of Taylor Baker, Staff Photographer

For one night only, every dorm and apartment at Lee University comes together in Walker Arena for what is undeniably the biggest and loudest event on campus all year.

Dorm Wars is a time of competition and celebration as the entire campus gathers to cheer on fellow residents in a series of unique events.

Last year, Medlin Hall and Sharp-Davis Hall took home the title of Dorm Wars champions. However, this year’s competition was anyone’s game. With high stakes and an extremely loud environment, even placing in Dorm Wars is quite the task.

This year's Dorm Wars was business marketing major Justin Aprea's first. He said the excitement was on the level of different sporting events he had been to.

“The atmosphere was hyper and everyone was into it. This was almost like a live sporting event,” said Aprea.

Aprea, along with a multitude of freshmen, experienced Dorm Wars up close and personal for the very first time. With its distinct athletic events and hyped student body, Dorm Wars is unique to anything other universities have to offer.

Each residence hall developed its own themes, represented by matching T-shirts, props and chants. Teams won extra points based off of their spirit that were included in their final score at the end of the night.

This year in the men's division, legendary rivals Medlin and Bowdle-O'Bannon Hall were neck-and-neck throughout the competition. As the night approached an end, each of the teams had tied scores. It all came down to the last event: the obstacle course.

The goal for both teams in this event was to finish with the shortest time, while trying to avoid fouls that add time. Although B.O.B. fought hard, Medlin came out on top and was crowned male Dorm Wars champion for a second consecutive year.

Many of the girls' dorms had just as much support. With the increased number of female dorms on campus, Dorm Wars was newly split into female traditional and upperclassmen dorms. Storms/Brinsfield placed first, while New Hughes came second in the higher division.

Cross/Tharp reigned dominant in the female traditional category. Carp’s theme, “The Carplot,” which is a spin off the classic film “The Sandlot,” gave all audience members something to cheer for.

Their team was able to utilize all of their strengths throughout the events and took down three-time champion Sharp-Davis in the traditional girls category.

Carp coach Maggie Strickert said the victory was like something out of a movie.

"I literally have no words," Strickert said. "We've been waiting on this moment for quite some time, so it literally is a dream come true. I am so proud of our team and the girls in this dorm. We couldn't have done it without them."

It was a hard-fought night for all teams, but Medlin, Carp and Storms-Brinsfield all emerged victorious. While not all teams took home the prize, according to Strickert, the community of the event was the biggest win of the evening.

“Dorm Wars is about being a part of something bigger," Strickert said. "You're trying to be the best of the best, but in doing that, it takes a team effort. The people in the dorm are the ones that make Dorm Wars so special. 

Dorm Wars never fails to bring the Lee community close together, foster new friendships and bring excitement across campus. This year was no exception.



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