Fall 2018 U-Church series comes to a close with student-led worship

Fall 2018 U-Church series comes to a close with student-led worship

Photo by Tessa Voccola, Courtesy of Media Services

Keeping with tradition, the fall U-Church Series came to a close with an evening of student-led worship titled “Songs We Love to Sing.”

All were welcomed as they filled the Conn Center the evening of Sunday, Nov. 18, to worship and participate in Communion.

Desiring for student involvement with the process of choosing songs, LeeU Worship released an Instagram poll to let students pick which songs would be performed.

Senior music and worship major Savannah Ogle takes part in planning and leading worship for Lee University and said the poll received a few hundred responses.

“We wanted to give the student body a chance to tell us which songs they connect to and love the most,” Ogle said.

According to Director of Facilities Management Josh York, the idea behind the Evening of Worship is to provide an opportunity and atmosphere to worship corporately as a community.

“The overall purpose of every Evening of Worship is really to kind of provide that sort of freedom that maybe we don't get to provide in the regular chapel programming,” York said.

Ogle echoed York’s sentiment, explaining the impact community-led worship can have.

“No matter how many famous people come and sing over our campus or lead people in worship, there is nothing like the power of being led in worship by your peers,” Ogle said.

Sophomore biochemistry major Jennifer Roberson said the evening left her feeling empower and reminded to be bold.

“I love the worship nights that Lee holds for us,” Roberson said. “I love being able to go in there knowing that everyone around me is there to worship without holding back.”

The evening also allows for students to wind down at a stressful time during the semester, according to Ogle.

“[Students] need a place to rest their hearts, souls and mind,” Ogle said. “A place to surrender their doubts and inadequacies, a place to be refueled and a place to call home.”

The Evening of Worship takes place at the end of every U-Church semester series.

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