Lee University art program to present Senior Art Show

Lee University art program to present Senior Art Show

The Senior Art Show Art Walk will take place Friday, Nov. 16, at 5 p.m., starting in the Communications Arts Building. A reception will follow from 5:30 till 6:30 at Squires Library.

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Anderson, Contributing Artist

With the end of the semester approaching quickly, five graduating art majors and two education majors will showcase their artwork in the Senior Art Show.

This year's show is set to run from Nov. 14 through Dec. 15 in the Communication Arts Building and the Squires Library.

The show will display the work of Sidney Hartley, Kaitlyn Anderson, Matthew Wiser, Kaylee Wiser, Jordan Triplett, Kelly Reamer and Alexia Escobar.

An "Art Walk" is set for Nov. 16, beginning at 5 p.m. in the Communication Arts Building, where presenting seniors will discuss their pieces. The walk will conclude with a reception in the Squires Library.

Assistant Professor of Art John Simmons shared his enthusiasm for the public to see the hard work of the December graduates.

"I think the public will be impressed by the quality of the work that our art students are creating," said Simmons.

Many in the graduating class have a focus on graphic design, according to Simmons.

"There are a lot of digitally produced images, which are interesting in how the artist approaches both the subject and the medium," said Simmons.

Along with displays in the Communications Arts Building, the showcase will mainly be in the new art gallery located in the Squires Library, according to senior art major Jordan Triplett. 

"[The] new gallery is definitely a better location; it gives us a space of our own away from the regular library traffic," Triplett said. "You are able to take your time and appreciate the work without feeling the need to rush through or feel like you're disturbing the people who are there to study."

The former library café space was transformed into an art gallery earlier this semester with the installation of an art hanging system and gallery lights.

The Senior Art Show is the second show to be displayed in the new art gallery this semester, the first being the Alumni Art Exhibition that took place during Homecoming.

Associate Professor of Art Mary Mathias-Dickerson praised the library on their continued willingness to help the art program in allowing the use of the new space.

"Art students and faculty have wanted a dedicated and secure art gallery space from the beginning of the major in 2011," Mathias-Dickerson said. "When the library changed the location of the café, it opened up a space that is well suited for showing art."

The library's security makes it an ideal space for the gallery, according to Mathias-Dickerson.

"It is centrally located on [campus] and it is open to the public 91 hours per week," Mathias-Dickerson said. "It is secure because of the library security and the circulation desk staff."

With the show set to begin this week, the graduating art students have a shared sense of excitement, according to Triplett.

"The best part for me about having my work up is the feeling of accomplishment that I have from pouring my efforts into this project, completing it and seeing it displayed in a space that was designed with showcasing our work in mind," said Triplett.

"My hope is that people walk away with more interest and excitement about the art that is displayed, Lee's art program and art in general," said Triplett.

The Art Walk and reception in Squires Library are free events and open to the public.

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