A Weekend at Lee: Things to do in the Cleveland area

A Weekend at Lee: Things to do in the Cleveland area

Sophie Pace at Chilhowee. Photo courtesy of Natalie Duncan.

With its beautiful mountains and skylines, the Cleveland/Chattanooga area is full of activities for students to get off campus on the weekends.

“Lee can look really empty during the weekends and instead of going home to [my] family every weekend, I have decided to use the weekends to build relationships in my new home,” said Natalie Duncan, a freshman sociology major. “The whole point of being in college is to build a home away from home.”

Duncan encourages her peers to seek team building activities with friends and hall-mates, especially on the weekends when there is more time to unwind and relax.

Searching through the Smokey Mountains

A favorite spot for many Lee students is Chilihowee State Park. Duncan spent some time there during her first weekend at Lee, along with a few of of her hall-mates. The mountain recreation area offers many lookout locations for students to bask in the wonder and glory of God’s creation. With a lake, grills, campsites and 25 miles of biking and hiking trails, including a waterfall, Chilihowee has a range of activities.


While the beautiful scenery surrounding Lee’s campus can often be overlooked, some students have found that a scavenger hunt around the area can reveal a new insight into the town.

“One of the best things we did as a hall was to create a scavenger hunt all around Cleveland,” said Hannah Gilstrap, the resident director of Nora and Simmons Hall. “We broke into teams and drove around Cleveland.”

Lee is located in Cleveland’s Historic Downtown area, which has its own self-guided walking tour. The tour information can be picked up at the Museum Center at 5ive Points.

Zoe Hagewood, sightseeing at historic homes in Cleveland. Photo courtesy of Delight Ejiaka.

Turn screen time into stargazing

Some weekends, students can spend a relaxing Friday night enjoying a movie on the lawn in Alumni Park. Many students attended the latest edition of Lee University’s Screen on the Green, which featured the movie “Up.”

“[The movie] helped me take my mind off exams and school,” said sophomore biology major Tomi Bankole.

Students can also visit the Cleveland Bradley County Public Library, located on campus across from the Watkins building. With a student ID, patrons can check out up to six movies for free each week.

Grab a cup of joe

Cleveland is filled with coffee shops, each with its own culture and appeal, including Bear Brew, Ocoee Coffee and The Mill.

Each local coffee shop offers a unique setting to relax and share good conversation over a cup of hot coffee or tea.

“I like the coffee shops in Cleveland because they are warm and cozy,” senior studio production major, Abigail Fillmore said. “The environment makes it a lot easier to get comfortable and do your homework."

Within five miles of Lee, students can choose from a variety of local coffee shops, depending on their preference, necessity to study or general mood for that day.

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