Big changes in store for the Devos Rec Center

Big changes in store for the Devos Rec Center

Photo by Sydney Pressley.

The DeVos Recreation Center recently unveiled plans for a new exercise program. For the past two years, the recreation center has offered various workout classes, including yoga, Zumba and K30—a high intensity interval training workout class. 

Kevin Hudson, director of the DeVos Recreation Center, said there are exciting things in store for Lee students. The exercise science program has partnered up with the recreation center to form a development program for students to accelerate in their field of study. 

“It’s a cross between both [the recreation center and exercise science program]; we include them in everything we do because they’re advocates for exercise and activity,” Hudson said. 

Hudson revealed that a new plan is being put into place regarding the exercise classes the recreation center currently offers, beginning after Fall Break. Recently the recreation center began charging a small fee for exercise classes to make way for their new program known as MX4. Students can choose to pay $3 per class or take advantage of the Fit Pass, which is good for admission into any fitness class for $30 per semester. 

MX4 is a small group personal training program designed for students that have purchased the Fit Pass. This program will partner the student with a certified personal trainer and other students who wish to exercise in a group setting.  

According to Hudson, the pilot classes were officially launched last week, with more set to open up after Fall Break.

Although classes have been free in the past, these changes are geared toward improving students’ experience at the gym. The recreation center is not seeking to make a profit, but the class fees cover the ongoing costs of equipment, renovations and programming.

New equipment for the new MX4 personal training program was set up earlier this semester. Photo by Amy Harrison.

Kendra Gray is a fitness instructor for K30 at the recreation center and also serves as the administrative assistant to Lee’s director of public relations. Her class includes a 30-minute workout that incorporates a full-body routine. Gray has been teaching the class for two years and speaks highly of her time there. 

“I love the community,” Gray said. “We have a Facebook group, so I’ll post pictures of us in there working out, inspirational thoughts, funny videos—just fun things.” 

Gray is also excited about the new changes coming with the MX4 program and revealed that she is teaching one of the pilot classes as well.

Despite the advantages of the new program, some students have mixed feelings about its cost. Hannah Merritt, a sophomore communications major, has always enjoyed attending recreation center classes.

“The environment of the classes is fun,” Merritt said. “I like being around people, and it’s easier in the class setting when I’m being told what to do and challenged to push myself.” 

However, Merritt shared that she may only attend classes occasionally because of the new cost.

“I’ve been going to the fitness classes since the first semester of my freshman year,” Merritt said. “I love the classes because I’m not always good at working out on my own. The class cost doesn’t appeal to me, but $3 isn’t that much,” Merritt said. “I’ll go every once in a while, but not weekly like I did last year.” 

For more information about the exercise classes offered, contact the DeVos Recreation Center at

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