Diversity Council and Evangelistic Singers present “We Are One”

Diversity Council and Evangelistic Singers present “We Are One”

President of the Black Student Union Vanelissa Cadet appreciated the event's focus on cross-cultural unity and acceptance.

Photo Courtesy of EVS

With hopes to highlight different cultures from around the world, the Lee University Diversity Council and Evangelistic Singers (EVS) recently joined together to present a multicultural event of fellowship titled “We Are One” on Feb. 25.

President of campus club Leetinos and Diversity Council member Angelica Alvarado said the entire campus was invited to support the Diversity Council and EVS through fellowship.

“Since EVS is a very diverse group of singers at Lee, it was a no-brainer to pair up with the Diversity Council to help them on their journey,” Alvarado said. “We also wanted to have a room full of diversity and share a part of ourselves with the campus.”

The event highlighted foods, music and dances from around the world while providing an educational atmosphere for those who are not a part of the represented minority groups.

“I hope students [felt] free to go around and finally ask questions they [had] about certain clubs and what they stand for,” Alvarado said. “This [was] the perfect opportunity to engage with a big choir group like EVS to have them also intertwine with the diversity clubs on campus as well.”

Alvarado said the event served as an important opportunity for minority students to see themselves represented.

“An event like this one is very important for us as the minority on campus to embrace ourselves,” Alvarado said. “We all [gathered] in a room to support one another and hope that we [made] a difference in someone’s life, whether it be a new friendship or even giving an educational impact.”

President of the Black Student Union (BSU) and EVS member Vanelissa Cadet said the inspiration behind the event was to bring the campus together while providing an opportunity for EVS to fundraise for their Haiti missions trip.

“The inspiration behind the event is that we all, of different ethnic backgrounds, races and societies around the world can meet as one and grow in an understanding and learn something about each one of our cultures,” Cadet said. “At the same time, [we’re] learning about one another [and] we get to put our finances towards a good cause, which is the missions trip that EVS will be partaking in this May.”

Cadet said the event serves as a reminder of the variety of the people groups represented on Lee's campus.

“What I hope that people take away is [that] even in all of our differences of skin tone, culture and uniqueness, in Christ and his love we are one,” Cadet said. “Events like this are really important because it gives us an opportunity to grow even deeper in our diversification and learn little by little more about our fellow comrades, our fellow classmates, our friends and our fellow choir ensemble members.”

Sophomore accounting major Katherine Lange said she attends events like “We Are One” because they play a vital role in providing different perspectives for students.

“These events definitely give me a broader perspective on cultures that are different than my own,” Lange said. “It’s also really cool to be in an environment where you can see how other cultures do life.”

For more information about EVS, follow their Instagram at @evsleeuniversity.

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