Lee introduces new Campus Ride system

Lee introduces new Campus Ride system

All photos by Sydney Pressley.

The new signs staked around campus are hard to miss. But if they have left you confused, the new Campus Ride tracking feature within the Lee University app is here to put you back on track. 

Director of IT Systems Nate Tucker spent his summer working with Campus Security and software companies to develop a program that allows students to track the Campus Ride buses around campus. 

“The simple explanation: it uses the Verizon cell phone towers with G.P.S. transmitters [that track] transmitters on the shuttles and communicate with the towers to identify where the shuttle is [in real time],” Tucker said. 

Tucker also explained that the app will tell students and faculty when the shuttles will arrive at the next stop, and the signs display which stops are next on that particular route.

Though the shuttle routes haven’t changed, both Tucker and Director of Campus Security Matt Brinkman agree the app and signs provide a solid framework to the campus transportation system. 

“It will provide a better structure as opposed to the chaos of flagging it down,” Tucker said. “[I’ve heard many students] say ‘Hey, they didn’t stop for me,’ so this would provide a structure [for students and staff].”

Along with increased organization and structure, safety is another prominent concern for those living and commuting on campus. 

Brinkman believes this type of structure will have beneficial effects on parking and overall transportation on campus, while helping foster a safer environment for those who feel uncomfortable walking lengthy distances. 

“Parking is a major issue that we run into here on campus, and now that they can count on the bus to be there at a certain time, students are more willing to park in bigger lots like North Cleveland or Schimmels Park,” Brinkman said. “We feel for security the same kind of thing; we think the dependability of it will be a big help.”

Senior Resident Assistant of Bowdle O’Bannon Tegan Lennox uses the campus shuttle app to save time on his commute to the School of Business everyday but does express some qualms with the system. 

“I wish there was an alternate route,” Lennox said. “You end up having to walk a good distance to the stop that takes you from one side of campus to the other, but other than that I haven’t had any problems with it.”

Brinkman asks students to be patient as the app is still in the early stages of development where things are constantly being tweaked and reevaluated. 

“We want this to work as much as [the students] do in terms of efficiency,” Brinkman said. “There are going to be times where the buses are delayed or the app is not working correctly, so it’s just the process [of figuring out the best way to approach this new app].” 

Campus Security, IT and the drivers are all scheduled to sit down at the end of each semester to discuss the successes and flaws of the system so that they can achieve their goal and make getting around campus smooth for staff and students. Brinkman also emphasized his appreciation for feedback in hopes of the same result. 

For more information about the Campus Ride tracking system or to give feedback, contact Campus Security or IT systems.

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