7 Things that only happen at Lee

I've seen some questionable things during my first month at Lee as a freshman. In turn, it has caused me to question myself. Am I weird? Why don't I walk around with a staff? Did I miss the memo that I should've brought a tricycle to school? So, here are the top 7 things that make me wonder, "just where did my parents drop me off at four weeks ago?"

  1. The Eno Family Tree: I just walk by and wonder if it's better to be on the top or the bottom when gravity strikes one day, smh. But that's none of my business though.

  2. Walking around barefoot: But your shoes are in your hands though?

  3. Carrying a staff: Where is the Red Sea Moses? And what poor tree has no branches around campus?

  4. The Spidermobile: I'm actually speechless.

  5. Single guys with cute puppies: We've caught on to what you're trying to do. Return your neighbor's dog, you know you have allergies.

  6. The Perpetually Awkward 'I'm trying to grow a man bun' stage: I admire your unwavering faith. You keep fighting the good fight.

  7. Roasting marshmallows in the eternal flame: Honestly, ya'll are my favorite people on this list.

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