Jordan Smith stuns judges and viewers on "The Voice"

Lee University student Jordan Smith is competing as a contestant on NBC's season nine of "The Voice."

Smith  sang his rendition of Sia's "Chandelier" during his blind audition segment, which led all four judges into a quadruple chair turn declaring they wanted him on their individual teams.

Smith's performance shocked many. The crowd and judges applauded him in a standing ovation as the unexpected surprise was revealed.

Season nine judges - Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharell were amazed by Smith's cover of the song.

As Smith's audition came to an end, Stefani immediately ran onto the stage to embrace him.

"Oh my god, you shocked me! That was the trippiest, turn around, blind audition freakiest thing that I have ever experienced in my life," Stefani said.  "You do not look like your voice, F.Y.I."

Each judge contributed in sharing their input and knowledge on Smith's uniquely talented and well-balanced performance. All four judges complimented his strong qualities, while essentially pitching why they would like Smith to be a part of their team, and to have the opportunity to be his coach.

"The song you have chosen is probably one of the most challenging vocals for anybody to sing, yet alone a [male] vocalist. So with each person that turned around, you got better. That shows me how ready you are for this," Levine said. "Seeing these people smiling and clapping and seeing these guys and their reactions to you was such a beautiful experience, thank you Jordan."

Smith explained his background to the judges.

"I sing in my church, most of all. That's kind of where my roots are, that's what I love. Obviously my voice is different. I get called ma'am on the phone all the time, I get called ma'am at every drive-thru, and through that I had to learn that being different is what makes me special," Smith said. "It is my gift, and this for me is just an amazing opportunity to share that it is okay to be different and be yourself because you are made that way and, that is how God intended you to be."

Smith's positivity and unshakable commitment touched Levine.

"Not just the show, but the world needs a person like you, and I feel that you are the most important person that has ever been on the show," Levine said.

Smith finally came to a conclusion and chose to be on Levine's team.

"Dude, I think you are a ray of light. I am so ... I'm so excited. Thank you!" Levine said."The world can learn a lot from Jordan. It was like he was lifting up every single person in the room, and when I turned around and experienced it, I thought to myself ... 'Wow, this kid is a wonderful human being and he is also a talented human being.' I love when those things collide."

The judges' reactions and comments have shown eagerness to see more of Smith and where he is going to go in the competition.

Smith attended Lee as a music business major with a church music minor. While at Lee, Smith was involved with multiple organizations that enabled him to further his skills. He was a member of Lee Singers, Kairos and alternative chapel band.

While taking part in multiple music-oriented groups on Lee's campus, Smith was able to share, practice and experience his musical interests with others that left an impression.

Director of Lee Singers Brad Moffett said, "Music is who Jordan is. God made him a singer and a musician and when he sings, it is an expression of who he is in Christ, and I think that will continue to show as he performs. I think one of the things that impressed the judges so much was the uniqueness of Jordan's voice and the way that he has totally embraced that uniqueness," Moffett said." It is a real authentic expression of who he is."

Brooke Porritt, a former member of Lee Singers said Smith will be a breath of fresh air for the competition and has already won over a good number of viewers by his seemingly effortless vocal abilities.

"While people continue to watch and get to know Jordan, aside from just his musical capabilities, even more viewers will be drawn in by the heart and good-naturedness that accompany the voice," Porritt said. "Hearing these hugely successful musicians with long-standing careers in the music industry speak directly to my friend, some literally thanking him for singing for them, was pretty surreal for me and for Jordan's friends," Porritt said.

Logan Fox, a member of alternative chapel band, had the opportunity to see Smith's appreciation and love for music.

"Jordan is so honest with everything he does, especially his art. It all comes from a deep place inside of him," Fox said. "I think the competition needs someone with Jordan's heart for music and for people, and I think his overall humility and ability will take him far."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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