BREAKING NEWS: Paul Conn shaves off iconic mustache

BREAKING NEWS: Paul Conn shaves off iconic mustache

This is a representation of what the Clarion staff believes Conn looks like now (Photo courtesy of Abby Hassler).

Yesterday evening, President Paul Conn shocked students and faculty alike with the decision to shave off his mustache.

After speaking in chapel on Tuesday about the ways God speaks to people, Conn said he felt deeply convicted that God was speaking to him'about his mustache.

'At the end of the day, when I looked in the mirror, I knew what I had to do,' Conn said. 'God was commanding me to shave it off, so I couldn't say no.'

During chapel, Conn highlighted Lee alumnus Clark Beckham who is competing on American Idol.

'Clark isn't the only 'idol' on this campus,' Conn said. 'My mustache has been an iconic symbol for years. And as the president of this campus where 'Christ is King,' I could not sit idly by as good students and faculty worship it.'

Campus Pastor Jimmy Harper said he fully supports Conn's 'courageous decision.'

'He is single handedly leading a spiritual revival on campus,' Harper said. 'His selflessness to put the Lee community before his own image has caused me to reflect upon the 'idols' in my own life.'

Since this morning, male and some female students in support of Conn's decision have been posting photos of themselves sans mustache on social media using the tag #unstached.

Those opposed to Conn's decision have voiced their opposition with photos of themselves mustached utilizing the tag #savethestache.

Administrative Assistant to the President Kyle Smith said that though he respects Conn's reasoning, he does not understand why Conn had to take it so far.

'I have worked for President Conn for years and never thought he could do something like this,' Smith said. 'That poor mustache wasn't doing anyone any harm. I just hope it grows back quickly'for everyone's sake.'

Despite polarizing outcry and support on campus, Conn stands by his decision.

'I am fully confident that I made the right choice,' Conn said. 'My only worry is for what my precious wife Darlia is thinking.'

Darlia Conn could not be reached for comment at this time.

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