Lee alumni returns to premier short film

Friday, March 27, Lee premiered the short film 'M Theory' in the screening room of the Communications Arts Building. 'M Theory' was written, directed and co-produced by Lee alum Nathan McKay.

"M Theory" takes place in present day Cleveland Tennessee. Mr. Volback, played by William Jayroe, is a science professor at Lee University working on a theory for time travel. The story focuses on Volback's desperation to achieve his dream of time travel, the death of his fiance and his suicide attempts.

Lee alum Laura Monroe said '[The film] was very dark. I think it would be good to watch again for deeper meaning. It's one of those [films] I don't think you get the first time.'

The film took a year and a half and $10,000 dollars to produce. Mckay saved every penny he could while living in his parents' basement in order to make the production possible. He has sent it into several film festivals including Chattanooga and Nashville. Though it is yet to be accepted, he remains hopeful for his entry into the Atlanta festival.

'The life of an artist is a very challenging one. As an artist you expect failure as a prerequisite for greatness,' Mckay said. 'I'm expecting to try and fail at film and art for the rest of my life.'

Kim Jackson, a  local actress and friend of Jayroe said 'I really enjoyed it. Short films are hard [to make] and it was lovely.'

The biggest struggle Mckay faced while producing 'M Theory' was deciding which direction to take it.

'The film is very unique,' Mckay said. 'The nature and content of the film, I don't think it's anything  people have seen before.'

The crew for the film was made up of entirely Lee students and alumni, and there were scenes shot in the Science and Math Complex.

McKay graduated from Lee in 2011 with a degree in telecommunications. During that time, he was the only Lee student to direct a feature film. His film, 'The pocket Watch', cost $30,000 dollars and was produced his junior year. Mckay likes short films but hopes to someday create produce feature films.

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