Humans of Lee

Humans of Lee

Photos by Jaclyn De Vries

Last semester, my photographer and I had the privilege to explore the darling town of Cleveland and meet some of the characters that make our town so interesting. This year, we'll focus on the campus, talking to some of the Lee students and faculty we all love.

This week, as we walked past Alumni Park, we noticed two Enos strung up in the gazebo. We found Freshmen Ty Conrad and Trece Scarborough, self-proclaimed adventurers, cocooned inside them.

'I saved someone's life [once]. The same time that I set my Eno up on [a] cliff, there was a guy that climbed down into a little area, he was 10 feet below where we were standing, and he was on a little shelf. He decided he wanted to climb back up, but he didn't really have good hand holds. He started to climb and he [said],  'I think I'm gonna fall.' So his friend and I both grabbed one of his arms. After the shelf, it was a really far drop off, [around] 50 feet or so, we had to each grab an arm and lean back and drag him up [from] the cliff, he was kind of heavy, so it was really difficult.'

'You know what my goal is Trece?'

'What's that?'

'To Tattoo someone in an Eno one day. That sounds like fun.'

'Do you have any interesting goals like that?'

'I ride a unicycle and I want to unicycle to class one day.'

'What is the hardest thing you've ever done?'

'Tattoo myself.'

'What was that like?'

'It wasn't painful I was just nervous getting used to it.'

Ty proceeded to show off multiple tattoos; a Rugby team logo, family fish hook, family crest and a cross.

'Do they have any meaning?'

'I played rugby for six years. I'm taking the year off. The other one is for my Papaw, my mom's dad. And I have a family crest for my family, and a cross over here.'

'What are you most looking forward to this year?'

'Making deep connections and new friendships.'

'Getting more in touch with my brother. We don't really talk that much to each other. I just want to talk to him more often. [It's] something we've got to work on.'

Flames soccer in 2015

Eat, see, free

Eat, see, free