David Blevins to speak to Lee students

David Blevins to speak to Lee students

Source: Sky.com

David Blevins, an Ireland correspondent for Sky News, will speak to Lee University’s Society for Collegiate Journalists (SCJ) in the Communication Arts Building on Sept. 22 at 7 p.m.

Blevins' talk, titled “Making Hope and History Rhyme: Reporting the Northern Ireland Peace Process,” will give his first hand account on the role of the media during that time period, according to a press release.

Blevins is a 15-year veteran reporter for Sky News, a London-based news network. Growing up in Northern Ireland, Blevins experienced the conflict of the region and the subsequent transition from war to peace.

Blevins reported on the brokering of the historic Good Friday Agreement and the 1998 Omagh bombing, in which 29 people were killed. He also earned himself a nomination for the Royal Television Society Award in 1998, according to Sky News.

Michael Finch, an assistant professor of communication, is anticipating Blevins' presentation.

“Having an international broadcaster like Mr. Blevins visit Lee University is a real honor, and it seems to validate that we must be doing something right in the journalism program,” Finch said. “I’m hoping that he will be a real encouragement for the young journalism students at Lee."

This special SCJ meeting will allow students like SCJ treasurer Kimberly Sebring to interact with and gain understanding from Blevins as he discusses his experiences and work in the field of journalism.

"I'm really interested in learning what is going on in Ireland and [Blevins'] thoughts about journalism," Sebring said. “There are things that you can’t learn in the classroom, so being able to talk to someone who has experienced that in the real world is so helpful."

Chad Magee, the president of SCJ, is looking forward to hearing about how journalism in the U.S. and overseas may differentiate.

“I want to be able to see the world through as many perspectives as possible," Magee said. "I’m very interested to hear what [Blevins] has to say about how journalism may or may not vary from country to country."

Blevins has an undergraduate diploma in journalism, a post-graduate degree in theology and a particular interest in reporting on faith issues, especially in places where religion has been a part of conflict.

“Professionally, I’ve reported the journey from history of conflict to hope of peace and how the political process brought those two things together [and] made them rhyme, so to speak," Blevins said in the release about his presentation. "Personally, my history was journalism, my hope was my faith and, ultimately, I’ve been able to make those rhyme too!"

All students are welcome to hear Blevins speak at the SCJ meeting, which will be held in room 113 of the Communication Arts building.

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