How Lee’s Top Players Get In Shape

Being a college athlete takes hard work and dedication, and the players at Lee are no exception.

Keevin Tyus is a senior shooting guard on the men’s basketball team. On average, Tyus scored 16 points per game in the 2015-16 season. This made him the top scorer for the flames that season.

“When I tell myself, ‘I’m feeling good today’, I know I will perform at my highest for my team,” Tyus said.

Tyus said he believes his eating habits are very healthy, despite his refusal to touch sea food. He eats chicken and turkey and loves Italian food. To do his best, and support the team, Tyus said he needs ample rest and clean food.

While Tyus practices regularly on the basketball court, resistance workouts have been added in the weight room to train his body to be explosive. This is something Tyus said he wants to improve on, this season.

Kensington Wieland is a senior on the women’s golf team. She keeps a balanced lifestyle to maintain her condition for playing. Kensington won the 2010 TSSAA division III Individual State Championship as well as making the American Athletic Conference Academic All-American in 2014-15.

“I need a mental and emotional balance in my life to perform my best,” Wieland said.

Wieland goes to team practice once a week and the team workouts twice a week. The rest of her training is up to her. Though her schedule is demanding, she finds time to practice on her own at the golf course, according to Wieland.

Weiland said that she tries to eat as healthy as possible.

“I need endurance on the course, especially when you spend four to five hours on it. You need a lot of protein and good snacks,” Wieland said.

Men’s Track & Field captain Jovan Jones starts his day off by running a mile every morning before class, besides regular practice. Jones was named men’s all GSC second team in the 2015-16 season, and placed second in 100 meter dash of the GSC Championship 2016.

Jones drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated, but indulges in a diet of cheat meals.

“I eat a lot of burgers,” Jones said, “I love burgers.”

The abs and hip flexors are Jone’s muscle groups of choice when it comes to the weight room.

“My team and I have one focus, one goal. We are all trying to get to nationals, that’s what the team is about”.

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